Manjimup set to get a grand new northern town site entrance with the construction of a new roundabout set to direct traffic into the central business district.
The Shire of Manjimup’s official Citizen of the Year Awards Ceremony will take place in conjunction with Walpole’s annual “Av’ a G’day” on Australia Day Friday 26 January 2018.
Shire of Manjimup Rangers have been receiving increased complaints regarding unrestrained dogs and dog attacks. In the past week, two dog attacks have been reported within the Manjimup residential area, causing harm to other dogs and their owners.
An election was held for the Central, South, West, East and Coastal Wards of the Shire of Manjimup today 21 October 2017. Following the closure of the polling place a vote count took place for all votes received today and via postal voting.