14 April 2014

The Shire of Manjimup is remaining a strong advocate for the Royalties for Regions program despite suggestions from Lyndon Rowe, Chairman of the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA), that the scheme is putting pressure on the state budget and should be abolished.

“Not since the Roads to Recovery program was implemented by the federal Government in 2009 has regional Western Australia benefited from a major funding source. The Royalties for Regions program has seeded capital into areas such as Manjimup, which we know has been deemed in the past as a ‘low priority’.  Country towns have a right to basic infrastructure and services and this source of funding has helped bridge this gap and start addressing decades of neglect in rural areas, turning small towns into growth centres,” said Shire President Wade DeCampo. 

The Royalties for Regions program funded by allocating 25% of mining royalties to the regions, comprises only 4% of the State’s budget.  The scale of the projects funded in the regions under this scheme pales in comparison to the projects that are underway in our capital city.  While the regions are struggling to fund the infrastructure backlog, major new projects such as two new hospitals to the value of over just over $3 billion, and the new Perth Stadium valued at just under $700 million, are in progress in Perth. 

Cr DeCampo stated “We don’t underestimate the value or the need for these projects to support population growth in our capital, however, these projects should not be at the expense of basic infrastructure in regional areas.”

The Shire of Manjimup projects that have been successful in securing Royalties for Regions funding have been subject to rigorous approvals processes, extensive planning, and have been project managed to the highest standard, contrary to the inference made by the ERA that the Royalties for Regions program is not subject to the same scrutinies as other government programs.   “One of our projects sees the Shire partnering with a State Government agency who are playing a lead role in project management to ensure a robust and collaborative methodology is applied to meet the project’s budgetary and strategic outcomes,” said Cr DeCampo.

Through the Royalties for Regions Country Local Government Fund and SuperTowns project, the Manjimup community has received funding for many initiatives, providing an opportunity to start funding the gaps that would have otherwise been impossible, including:

• Hospital Upgrade;
• Roadworks;
• Recreation Centre Upgrade;
• Town Centre Revitalisation;
• Agricultural Expansion (inclusive of a Food Council and a program to nurture Education & Industry Linkages); and
• Seniors’ Housing.

“You only need to take a look at regional Western Australia to see that not only our community, but all other regional communities have benefited from Royalties for Regions.  In our community, it feels as though we’ve turned a corner and people are optimistic about the future growth of our region,” said Cr DeCampo. 

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Authorised by Doug Elkins, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup.
Contact: 9771 7777
Contact for comment: Wade DeCampo, Shire President.
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9 April 2014

The corner of Brockman and Giblett streets in Manjimup has been adorned with art to represent our region – an abundance of produce and a community that comes together in “sharing our harvest”. 

The project has been funded by the Community Arts Network Western Australia (CANWA) with support and contributions from the Shire of Manjimup, and coordinated by Lisa White from the Shire’s Home and Community Care (HACC).  Lisa recognised an opportunity to involve the community, particularly our youth and people with a disability, in an art project to complement the proposed Brockman Street Upgrade. 

Aiming to create a sense of place and express our local culture and identity, the project involved holding community consultation workshops on the design of the mural, and Lisa White who coordinated the workshops explained that “the emerging theme was around our region’s produce and our community coming together in celebration of our harvest.” Local artist Fiona Sinclair who has been working on the mural since December, attended the workshops to take photos which she has used as the basis for her painting. 

Part two of the project saw primary school students and people with a disability become involved in the design of 125 hand-made ceramic tiles in conjunction with Fremantle artist Helen Kirby.

Art class students drew images to represent our region, including indigenous art, and once the tiles had been pressed out of clay, students transferred the images onto the tiles by etching the outline into the clay.  After the tiles were cleaned, three coats of colour paint were applied by different community groups, followed by three coats of glaze before they were fired in the kiln.  The tiles will be on display in the Manjimup Library until the end of May, and will later feature in the Brockman Street footpaths.

Pictured above: Local artist Fiona Sinclair with her work on the corner of Brockman and Rose Streets.

Pictured above: Some of the tiles that will be on display in the Manjimup Library that will feature on Brockman Street. 

Shire President Wade DeCampo said “This project has been an inclusive effort from several community members, groups and artists who have contributed in so many ways, from participating in workshops to the painting of tiles.   The project also demonstrates how valuable services such as HACC are to our region.”

For more information on the project, or to find out more about services and programs provided by HACC for people with a disability, please contact Lisa White on 9777 1455.

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Authorised by Jeremy Hubble, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup.
Contact: 9771 7777

Contact for comment: Wade DeCampo, Shire President.
Contact: 0427 094 081

4 April 2014

A forum covering the topics of mobile phone blackspots and the National Broadband Network (NBN) was held in Manjimup this week. 

The forum was organised by the office of Rick Wilson MP, federal member for O’Connor, and was attended by The Hon Paul Fletcher MP, parliamentary secretary to the federal Minister for Communications, who provided an update, fielded questions and heard concerns from attendees from across the South-West. 

Pictured above (L-R): The Hon Paul Fletcher MP and Rick Wilson MP

Mr Fletcher opened his address with the announcement of $100 million that has been allocated to improving mobile coverage in rural areas, in particular small communities, communities with major transport routes, areas at risk of natural disaster or emergencies, and communities frequented by tourists. 

Mr Fletcher also noted that the government is continuing to accept reports of mobile blackspots until June 2014 to the email address

Shire President Wade DeCampo expressed how important it is that everyone has the chance to have their issues noted.  “I urge concerned community members to make the most of this opportunity and have your say on mobile coverage via the email address provided, and keep your Federal Member Rick Wilson MP up to date by providing him with a copy of your correspondence”. 

Submissions have already been made by the Shire of Manjimup and the Warren Blackwood Alliance of Councils (consisting of the Shires of Manjimup, Bridgetown-Greenbushes and Nannup) to the Department of Communications on the Mobile Coverage Discussion Paper, released in December 2013.  “Should people wish to read these submission they are available on the Shire of Manjimup website.  We will continue to push for coverage in the areas with significant issues with mobile coverage.” he said. 

Also available on the Shire of Manjimup website are notes from the forum, and a media release from the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP announcing an additional $34 million to be spent on improving broadband speeds for customers on the National Broadband Network’s interim satellite service, and providing new satellite services for up to 9,000 additional households, farms and small businesses across Australia.

Visit the Shire of Manjimup website at, email your comments and feedback to and contact your Federal Member via

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Authorised by Jeremy Hubble, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup.
Contact: 9771 7777

Contact for comment: Wade DeCampo, Shire President.
Contact: 0427 094 081

28 March 2014

Regional Develpment Minister The Hon. Terry Redman MLA today announced funding of $2 million for the Manjimup Seniors Housing Project.  Manjimup is one of ten regional centres in WA that has received funding through the Regional Grants Scheme 2013-14 allocation under the State Government’s Royalties for Regions. 

The announcement took place at the old Manjimup Primary School site where it is proposed that approximately 31 independent living units for seniors will be constructed.  The majority of the units will be made available for purchase on the private market, with the $2 million funding making it possible to sell them at an affordable rate, below that of market value. 

Minister Redman described the project as “a great example of sustainable regional development that will provide economic and social benefits and assist in improving the health and lifestyle of residents.”

Pictured L-R: Gail Ipsen Cutts, Director of Community Services with the Shire of Manjimup, The Hon. Terry Redman, Shire President Wade DeCampo, and community spokesperson Jill Woollams.

The Shire of Manjimup has partnered with the Department of Housing and the South West Development Commission to investigate redevelopment options for the site as a part of the Opening Doors initiative in line with the State’s Affordable Housing Strategy.  The Shire has already commenced the process for rezoning the site to accomodate the proposed development.  

Shire President Wade DeCampo said “Our community has assisted us with identifying affordable seniors housing as a priority, and without this financial support from the State Government, the project would not have been able to continue.  I’m delighted that our seniors will be given the opportunity to remain in their local environment as they age, and if our housing priorities change, the design of the units allows for re-purposing in the future.”

Cr DeCampo emphasised how important it is for people to contact the Shire to find out more about the project.  “I encourage our community members who may wish to purchase one of these units to contact our Director of Community Services  to register your interest - it is critical that we have people come forward to support this project.”

A fact sheet will be released in early April detailing the next stages of the project.

Please contact Gail Ipsen Cutts, Director of Community Services at the Shire of Manjimup on 9771 7777 or

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Authorised by Jeremy Hubble, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup.
Contact: 9771 7777

Contact for comment: Wade DeCampo, Shire President.
Contact: 0427 094 081

20 March 2014

The April school holidays will start with a celebration of youth, for youth.

The Shire of Manjimup’s Youth Network will host the ‘Our Voice Our Impact Express Yourself 2014’ Youth Festival at the Quinninup Community Association grounds on Saturday 12 April from 2pm to 8pm, in conjunction with National Youth Week.

A circus workshop, photo booth, drumming workshop and art workshops are some of the activities planned for the festival.   Pizza making and an outdoor movie will wind up the celebration which is sponsored by the Department of Local Government & Communities and the Shire of Manjimup. 

Shire President, Wade De Campo said “It is great to see young people being celebrated for the contributions they make. In the Shire of Manjimup we have an amazing 24% of our young people participating in volunteer work, civic leadership and the community as a whole.”

Maddison Smith is just one example of why we are celebrating our extraordinary youth, selflessly contributing not only to their communities but to society as a whole.

Maddison has recently returned from two weeks in Tanzania where she participated in a volunteer program teaching children to speak English and helping to construct and repair an orphanage.

She was the recipient of the ‘Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award’ in the ‘Person under 25 years of age’ category, and has taken on the role of Youth Portfolio with the Walpole Community Development Group where she continues to lead youth by example.

Pictured is Maddison receiving a certificate of appreciation. 

More information about the youth festival is available via the Youth Activities page or by clicking here.

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Authorised by Jeremy Hubble, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup.
Contact: 9771 7777

Contact for comment: Wade DeCampo, Shire President.
Contact: 0427 094 081

6 March 2014

In 2011 the Shire of Manjimup was awarded funding for two projects - Town Centre Revitalisation and Agricultural Expansion - under the State Government’s Royalties for Regions SuperTowns project.

“The Royalties for Regions Manjimup SuperTown funding has provided the financial backing needed to make these projects happen, and has already positioned the town to attract investment, support local businesses, improve the liveability and increase tourism in the region,” explained Shire President Wade DeCampo. 

The Town Centre Revitalisation project has seen the Timber Park, one of Manjimup’s most iconic tourist locations, undergo a transformation.  A new and innovative adventure playground and History House have been constructed, and the Timber Museum has been redeveloped.

Plans are also progressing for the:
• installation of underground power along Mottram Street;
• redevelopment of Brockman Street;
• reopening of Ipsen Street to provide an additional access point from the main highway into the town centre;
• removal of the visual barrier of the railway; and
• freeing up of land for a future hotel site.


As a part of the Agricultural Expansion project the Southern Forests Food Council has been established, which has developed a branding strategy for the region and is working closely with local producers on creating awareness and educating local, national and international markets on the quality and diversity of the region’s produce. 

In addition, the Southern Forests SEED Program has been developed raising the profile of careers in agriculture and providing support to students and researchers in agriculture and food science in the region.  A draft Agricultural Strategy has also been developed identifying future transformational projects.   

Opportunities that have arisen from the SuperTowns projects form a vital component of the draft South West Regional Blueprint which was developed jointly by the South West Development Commission and Regional Development Australia South West.

Cr DeCampo said “We are dedicated to securing further funding opportunities to implement projects which stimulate economic growth and make our region more sustainable.  With State Government support of the initiatives identified in the South West Regional Blueprint, I am confident our community will continue to grow and thrive for years to come.”

“We value the input and are grateful for the opportunities that the State Government’s Royalties for Regions SuperTowns project has provided to the region,” added Cr DeCampo. 

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Authorised by Jeremy Hubble, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup.
Contact: 9771 7777

Contact for comment: Wade DeCampo, Shire President.
Contact: 0427 094 081

25 February 2014

There has recently been community concern regarding the clearing of vegetation on Grays Road in Pemberton.  In brief, a landowner made a request for the adjacent roadside to be cleared to assist with orchard production. 

The Shire of Manjimup requested a permit from the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER).  DER received no comments following their consultation period, and therefore a permit was granted.  The clearing of Grays Road was undertaken by a third party who was engaged by the landowner with permission from the Shire.  Some residents have now taken exception to the clearing and the condition the reserve was left in. 

“This is an unfortunate situation as the Shire has facilitated three other road side clearings recently, which have resulted positively for the applicants with no adverse feedback from the community,” commented Wade DeCampo, Shire President. 

The importance of naturally vegetated road reserves needs to be considered in relation to the total area of the Shire, which is 7,000km2.  Approximately 1,700ha or less than ½ a percent is naturally vegetated reserves under Council’s control, of which road reserves comprise approximately half. 

The results of the most recent Community Satisfaction Survey also need to be taken into account, as negative service delivery gaps were identified primarily in road maintenace and also in the areas of economic development and environmental management.  Wade DeCampo, Shire President explained “the situation on Grays Road is an example of when the fulfillment of economic and environmental objectives are at odds, therefore one objective is somewhat foregone in order to achieve the other.” 

An internal investigation has since taken place which has highlighted opportunities for improvement in how decisions are made on applications for road side clearing.  Proposed changes include having Council assess applications where community values may be affected, rather than have such decisions made at an officer level.

Cr DeCampo explained “It is important to note that the Shire takes the review of such situations very seriously and will always endeavour to take the lessons learnt and implement improvements.”

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Authorised by Jeremy Hubble, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup.
Contact: 9771 7777

Contact for comment: Wade De Campo, Shire President.
Contact: 0427 094 081

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