Vision and community themes

Our Vision

We are a thriving region which is safe, liveable and welcoming.  We value our quality of life and embrance our natural environment which affords us both economic and recreational pursuits.  Our industries are recognised for their resilience, quality and innovation and for their contribution to the state of Western Australia.

Our Community Themes

Our Landscape - custodians of our natural landscape and resources

Our Prosperity - nurturing healthy industry, innovation and a diverse economy

Our Community - a connected, resilient and inclusive community

Our Infrastructure - efficient and proactive service provision and planning

Our Civic Leaders - governed and represented with vision and integrity

Our Motto

Celebrating our Diversity

The motto reflects the broad diversification in our district, be it our towns, recreational pursuits, industries, ethnicity, fauna or flora biodiversity, personal values, religious beliefs or topography. We embrace and celebrate and diversity.

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