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Better Beginnings

Better Beginnings aims to link research to practice by promoting to all parents the importance of reading, sharing rhymes and talking to your baby. Research shows that reading to babies will build their language and understanding and in giving them an early love of books, supporting their future success as readers.

Better Beginnings has the potential to build a lifelong relationship between families and public libraries in responding to their information and learning needs.

Better Beginnings aims to:

​Introduce developmentally appropriate books and associated language related activities to children in their first three years;
​Encourage adults to share books and activities that foster language development with their young children;
​Extend awareness in the whole community, particularly amongst parents and other adults who care for children, of the value and pleasure of reading and sharing stories with young children; and
​Strengthen the vital role of public libraries as community hubs that can support parents/caregivers in giving their children a love of reading.

Rhyme Time and Story Time

Baby Rhyme Time and Story Time are initiatives of the Better Beginnings program. Rhyme Time is a great way to bond with your little one while introducing them to language, music and actions. Your baby also gets to interact with other babies, which is an important part of their development. Story Time is a chance for your toddler or pre-schooler to listen to a story, while learning to sit on the mat. There is often a craft activity which relates back to the story.

Rhyme and Story Time are held during school term at the following times. We'd love to see you there - the more the merrier!

​Rhyme Time
(0-2 year olds)
​Story Time
(2-5 year olds)
​Walpole​Every other week - check with the library for time and day ​ ​
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