Manjin Rec Plaza project

Concept Design completed

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and workshops to review and provide feedback on the Draft Concept Design for the Manjin Recreation Plaza.  Convic, the company engaged to put together the design, has now 'tweaked' the draft concept design to incorporate the community's feedback and suggestions. The resulting design is stunning and versatile; no matter whether you are riding a BMX bike, skate board or scooter, whether you are a beginner or expert, there is plenty of concrete with many exciting obstacles to play and practice on.

The final design has been presented and endorsed by Council during the Council meeting on 20 October 2016.

You can view and download the final Concept Design by clicking here.

What happens after the Concept Design phase?

The Shire of Manjimup is committed to construct the Manjin Rec Plaza as mentioned in the Manjimup Townsite Growth Plan. In this plan, the development of a new multipurpose Rec Plaza has been identified as a short-term high-priority objective. The Manjin Rec Plaza will provide skaters, BMX and scooter riders etc. in the region an opportunity to participate in the highly popular activity. A major, regional level, family friendly, multipurpose recreation park to service the region is warranted in Manjimup, for our community and visitors to enjoy.  Construction of the Manjin Rec Plaza is envisaged to start in mid-2017.

Though the majority of the funding required for the construction of the Manjin Rec Plaza will come from the Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation Project budget, the Shire has also prepared an application to the Department of Sport and Recreation for further funding.

Visit the Manjin Rec Plaza facebook page here.

Background information:

What is the Manjin Rec Plaza?

The Shire of Manjimup has engaged world renowned recreation and skate park designers - CONVIC - to develop a suitable design for a new multipurpose recreation plaza, to be located in the Manjin Park precinct in Manjimup. The vision for the Manjin Rec Plaza is for it to be a central, family friendly hub, with facilities and fixed equipment that cater for several recreational activities including skateboarding, scooter riding and bmx riding, with linkages to additional walking and riding trails that lead to other iconic locations such as the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park and Deanmill Heritage Trail. 

What was involved in the Concept Design phase?

The most important component of the design phase was community consultation, to come up with a design that is 'uniquely Manjimup' and that meets the varying needs of all rec hub users, from toddler age to adults, beginners to advanced. As part of the community consultation, the following activities were held:

  • Two field trips (Collie Skate Park on 5 March 2016 and Busselton Youth Precinct on 19 March 2016) for our community members to visit other youth recreation/skate parks in the South West Region, with the aim of providing adequate knowledge to be able to give input during the pre-design and concept design consultation process.
  • Online survey to gain insight in what type of riding people like to do and what facilities they would like to see in the Manjin Rec Plaza.
  • Four pre-design workshops have taken place, to demonstrate elements available for skate boards, BMX, scooters and roller skates, and to give clear understanding of the process, design options within the budget and discussion around support or constructive criticism, all promoted an impressive level of engagement in the design. The workshops were held on 31 March and 1 April 2016, with one workshop at Manjimup Senior High School and the three other workshops open to community members and CDB business owners.
  • Two workshops and an online survey to give everyone the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Concept Design developed by Convic (held on 17 and 18 August 2016).

Other relevant information and documents

Link to the Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation webpage.

The Pre-Design Consultation Report, prepared by Convic following the initial community consultation, guided the development of the Draft Concept Design. This report outlines the pre-design community consultation process and criteria considered to create a successful recreation plaza. It summarises the results and comments of the community consultation, makes recommendations on the typology of the facility and creates a design vision for the Plaza. This strategic approach defined an informed conceptual response and design for the current community demand and future community needs. 

The Draft Concept Design for the Manjin Recreation Plaza was open for public comment from 1 to 22 August 2016.



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