Free Wi-Fi

In an effort to modernise the facilities provided in the town centre, drive economic activity and improve the visitor experience of Manjimup, a free WiFi zone was introduced into the CBD in late 2014 by the Shire of Manjimup. 

Blanket WiFi is available in Giblett Street, Brockman Street and Coronation Park, which means users can move freely within this zone and stay connected to the internet, without having to rely on 'hotspots'. 

Follow the directional signage from the entry roads into town and look out for the "Free WiFi Zone" signage around Giblett Street, Brockman Street and Coronation Park.


Pictured above: Shire President Wade DeCampo in Coronation Park, showing a sample 'Free WiFi' sign.


Page reviewed: 04 Dec 2015 9:51am