Manji Mens Shed restoring timber relics

MEDIA RELEASE – Manji Mens Shed restoring timber relics

June 2017

The Manji Mens Shed have commenced one of three restoration projects in the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park (MTHP) as part of the Royalties for Regions funded transformation project. 

The first project is to restore an eight-wheeled bogie which has experienced significant deterioration during the time that it has been on display at the MTHP.  Following the completion of this work, there is a second eight-wheeled bogie and three jinkers that also require restoration. 

"This items are important rail relics, particularly for our region, as they were once used to transport the logs when the forests were being harvested," explained Shire President Paul Omodei, adding that the relics showcase the development of the different methods of logging operations that underpin WA's sawmilling history.  "They are also a tribute to the people who designed and built these unique items, and after they are restored, they will be a tribute to the Mens Shed."

Work will be undertaken with advice and support from the Shire of Manjimup and the Shire's park curator.  It is anticipated that restoration will be completed by late 2017 or early 2018. 

Councillor Omodei noted that this is not the first time that the Manji Mens Shed have been involved with this style of restoration project, saying that "the Shire are honored to have them on board yet again and we're even happier to be feeding the cost of the restoration work back into a local community group."

Once restored, these items will be on display permanently in their new, prominent location at the top of the rail near the intersection of South Western Highway and Graphite Road. 

"Their location is appropriate for their significance and will contribute to the welcome statement of the region," said Cr Omodei. 

Pictured below: Manji Mens Shed inspect one of the relics for restoration.



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