Rural Health West Survey

Rural Health West, on behalf of the West Australian Country Health Service are currently conducting a survey about your views of growing older or ageing in your community and will help understand what are the barriers and increased opportunities for people to ‘age in place’ within their local community.  The target demographic for this survey is people aged over 65 years of age, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people over 50 years of age, that live in Manjimup (or a range of other towns outside the Shire of Manjimup).

The survey is also open to people in this age bracket that may have close ties to Manjimup. For example, if you complete your regular grocery shopping, attend a medical practitioner or participate in other regular social or community activities in Manjimup, we welcome your contribution to this survey.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and there are various ways that you can provide your feedback:

  1. complete the survey on paper and return it by pre-paid return post (copies are available at the Shire office or our libraries); or
  2. complete the survey on-line; or
  3. register your interest in the survey by telephoning 08 6389 4500 and Rural Health West can call you back to
    a) complete the survey by telephone; or
    b) let you know when and where you can attend one of the upcoming face to face community sessions in your area.

The survey closes on Friday 15 September 2017. Questions regarding the survey can be directed to Rural Health West on 08 6389 4500 or email and quote SIHI Stream 6 Evaluation Project.

Please note: The Shire of Manjimup is supporting Rural Health West to collect survey feedback by promoting their survey.

Page reviewed: 10 Aug 2017 3:38pm