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Community Contribution Grants 2014/2015

Please click here to see the successful community grant applicants for 2014/2015.

Every year the Shire of Manjimup reserves 2% of the prior year's rates revenue and gives it back to the community in the form of grants.


Community Projects
Community groups and not-for-profit organisations may apply for funding for projects/activities that have a focus on benefiting communities within the Shire of Manjimup. You do not need to be an incorporated body to apply.

Council will assess each application during budget deliberations and will grant funds to projects that are deemed to have merit.

An incorporated body or an incorporated body in partnership with a youth ‘group’ may submit an application for funds to support youth groups, workers or projects operating within the Shire of Manjimup. $35,000 of the available funds is set aside for this purpose.

Individuals or community groups may apply for up to $5,000 to assist with the hosting of an event. Funding requests need to be directly tied to marketing and promotional costs.

The Shire of Manjimup seeks to support events which target a broad audienc e, such as state, interstate and international visitors.  If satisfactory funding applications exceed grant money available, Council will prioritsie supporting events that will market and promote the Shire to a target population residing beyond the South West or Great Southern boundaries.

Application Forms
Grant application forms can be downloaded below.

Application Form Link
Event Grants Click here
General Grants Click here
Youth Project Grants Click here
Grant Acquittal Form 2014 - 2015 Click here
Grant Acquittal Form 2013 - 2014 Click here

Forms can also be picked up from the Shire of Manjimup Administration Centre or the Manjimup, Pemberton, Northcliffe and Walpole Public Libraries.

Open and Closing Dates

Applications open 2015 - to be advised
Applications close 2015 - to be advised
Applicants notified of outcomes Final decisions are made upon Council's adoption of the annual budget.  This usually occurs by the end of July and applicants are notified of the outcomes in August.

For further information please contact Administration and Events Liaison Officer Rachel Croft on 9771 7701 or by email to

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