Alcohol Management Project

The following posters were developed as part of the Southern Forests Alcohol Think Again Project. The posters were funded by Healthway.

The posters are aimed at parents of under 18 year olds; young people under 18 years and the general community. The project promotes the following key messages:

‘Under 18. No alcohol. The safest choice’ message.
‘To prevent the risk of long term illness, adults are encouraged not to drink anymore that two standard drinks on any day’.

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Southern Forest Think Again Accord
A poster was developed as an initiative of the Southern Forests Accord, and a checklist which aims to prevent alcohol-related harm across the community. The poster is designed to educate travellers visiting the Shire of Manjimup about the WA drinking laws. The poster was adapted with permission from the Margaret River Liquor Forum’s Partying Tonight poster.  Please click here.