Our Mission

We are the appointed local government authority for the district of the Shire of Manjimup, responsible for the planning, delivery and maintenance of key services and infrastructure.

Our mission is to satisfy our community by meeting its needs and our statutory responsibilities in a planned and sustainable manner."

Our Vision (aspirations for the district)

Our Vision is for the Shire of Manjimup to be safe, healthy, prosperous and attractive through sustainable improvement of services, facilities and infrastructure.

We will achieve this by:

  • Focusing our efforts and resources over the next 10 years on those areas of greatest identified performance gap being:
    • Road maintenance;
    • Road construction;
    • Recycling, and;
    • Drainage.
  • Taking a lead role in community needs and assets;
  • Being innovative in the delivery of services and facilities;
  • Being supportive of industry and development;
  • Working with our community to reduce risk;
  • Having pride in everything we do;
  • Embracing long term, thoughtful planning;
  • and, Demonstrating responsible fiscal management.

Our Motto

"Celebrating our Diversity". The motto reflects the broad diversification in our district be it towns, recreational pursuits, industries, ethnicity, fauna or flora biodiversity, personal values, religious beliefs or topograhy.

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