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Shire of Manjimup Building Services are responsbile for the assessment and approval of permits required by the Building Act 2011 (refer to State Law Publisher to view).  The Building Act 2011 is administered by both the Building Commission and local authorities.  However predominant control of the Building Act is through the Building Commission who control all relevant application forms and additionally provide services in three main areas.

Licensing and Applications
Administers registration and licensing applications for builders, painters, building surveryors, plumbers and construction contracts administrators.

Compliance and Complaints
Carries out inspections of building services, investigates breaches of legislation and proves a dispute resolution service.

Industry Development

  • Administers and monitors standards and codes of practice for builing services.
  • Develops and provides industry policy and legislation.
  • Provides information and advice for industry and consumers'.

It is recommended that you visit the Building Commissions website for more detailed information relating to building in Western Australia.

Website Link
Building Commission Click here...
State Law Publisher Click here...

Building services also investigate any unauthorised structures and provide advice to the building industry and community regarding building codes, standards and legisation including Council policies relating to the built environment.

A formal application for a permit is required when you are ready to commence your project.

Building Permit:  A building permit is required prior to commencing construction of most structures including swimming pools, patios, sheds, dwellings, group dwellings and commercial buildings.

Demolition Permit: An application for a demolition permit is required for any demolition work, when demolishing either a full building or part of a building.

Occupancy Permit:  For all building classes except Class 1 (Dwellings)  and Class 10 (sheds and outbuildings) an occupancy permit must be obtained before a completed building is occupied.

Building Approval Certificate:  A building approval certificate applies where an occupancy permit is not applicable e.g. Class 1 (Dwellings) and Class 10 (sheds & outbuildings) buildings or incidental structures.  It provides certainty that a building meets the relevant requirements and can be used to authorise a previous unauthorised building.

As part of the Building Act 2011 the Shire of Manjimup Building Services team provide a certification service for applications.

All applications must include details about the proposed building or incidental structure, evidence that prescribed approvals have been complied with and must be accompanied by payment of the fees.

Please refer to the building fee schedule below for information regarding the new fees and charges.

Building Fee Schedule   Click here

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