Heritage Information

The Shire of Manjimup is proud of its natural and cultural heritage and works with the community to protect, enhance and interpret this. The Shire's Planning and Environment Department is responsible for the protection of cultural heritage through the provisions of the Local Planning Scheme. It also is responsible for the operation of the Municipal Heritage Inventory for the Shire.  The Community Services Directorate supports the development of heritage interpretation in response to community and tourism needs and according to the Shire of Manjimup Heritage Connections Project Implementation Plan.

Heritage Protection
Part 7 of Local Planning Scheme No.4 provides mechanisms for the protection of places of heritage significance. This is achieved through the creation of a Heritage List and a Heritage Local Planning Policy.

A Heritage List and Policy are currently under development by the Shire and will be subject to consultation with affected landowners and the general public prior to finalisation.

It is important to note that inclusion on the Heritage List does not construe automatic banning of demolition or modification to the place. Rather the List is designed to ensure that heritage matters are given due regard when Planning Applications are considered over the property.

Municipal Inventory
Under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990, Local Government Inventories, also known as Municipal Inventories or MI’s, must be compiled and reviewed by each Local Authority.  MI’s are common practice in Australia, and the foundation of sound local heritage planning.

MI’s identify local heritage assets and provide the base information needed for local heritage planning to achieve consistency, strategic direction and community support. Each place is given a classification of heritage significance based upon a number of criteria.

The Shire last reviewed its MI in 2008. Click here to access the current version.
Please note that an MI has no statutory effect. In order for a heritage place to be protected under the Local Planning Scheme, it is necessary for it to be included in the Heritage List.

State Heritage Register
In addition to the local heritage list, the Heritage Council of Western Australia maintains the State Heritage Register. A number of heritage places in the Shire are currently included in the State Register.

Properties included on the State Register require all development and alterations to obtain both a Shire Planning Approval and Development Approval from the Heritage Council.

Click here to access the State Heritage Office for more information on the State Heritage Register and Development Approval requirements.

Heritage Interpretation
The Shire has an ongoing project to develop and make available heritage interpretive material. This is a response to the needs of the community and of the tourism sector, and the work is guided by the Shire of Manjimup Heritage Connections Project Implementation Plan.   The Plan incorporates the main theme of Resilience and four sub-themes of People, Settlement, Industry and Life in the District.

As a key aspect of this project the Shire is presently working with Northcliffe artist Tony Windberg to create a series of heritage icons depicting stories which highlight the theme and sub-themes of the Heritage Connections project.  A number of these icons have been completed and more will be installed acorss the Shire in the future.

Click here to access the Shire of Manjimup Heritage Connections Project Implementation Plan.

Local horse riders at the unveiling of the Cattle Trails heritage icon in 2011.