How are rates calculated?
The raising of rates is governed by statutory guidelines in the Local Government Act 1995. Rate notices are sent in approximately mid-August of each year and are due 35 days from the issue of the notice. Rates can be paid in full by the due date or in four equal instalments. The basis for your rates will be either Gross Rental Value (GRV) or Unimproved Value (UV).

Council rates are struck each financial year to cover the deficit in Council's budget.

Once the budget deficit has been determined, Council use rate models to determine a rate in the dollar for UV and GRV. Your rates are calculated by multiplying your UV (or GRV) by the UV rate in the dollar (or GRV rate in the dollar).

If you believe your property valuation is not correct, you can lodge an objection to your valuation within 60 days of the issue of the rate notice. When lodging an objection with the Valuer General, you are required to supply evidence as to why the valuation is too high. Objection forms can be picked up from the Customer Service Desk at the Shire Offices. For more information visit the

Gross Rental Value
A gross rental valuation (GRV) on a property is based on the expected rental income per week that the property could receive, multiplied by 52 weeks. GRV's apply to all properties within the town boundaries and selected properties outside the townsites.

The Valuer General uses rental data to calculate GRV's. Any property rated on a GRV basis will be revalued every four years.

Unimproved Value
An unimproved valuation is based on the value of the land, excluding the improvements made to it. The factors influencing the UV of a property include size, physical features and soil types and quality. The majority of the freehold land outside the town boundaries is rated on a UV basis.
The Valuer General uses figures from recent property sales to revalue UV properties every year.

Pensioners & Seniors Rebates
Ratepayers who hold a Pensioner Concession Card or Seniors Card may be eligible to claim a rebate of up to 50% on their rates, or be eligible to defer payment of their rates.

Please refer to the back of your rate notice for more information or contact Council's Rates Department on 08 9771 7777.

How can I pay my rates?
Council offers several options for the paying of rates:

  • In person at the Customer Service Desk
  • Cheques or money orders made payable to Shire of Manjimup and posted to PO Box 1 Manjimup WA 6258
  • In person any Post Office
  • Credit card payments over the internet. The site is secured with encryption so that your credit card details are safe. Please click on the link below to make a payment.
  • Credit card payments over the phone by calling 13 18 16 and following the voice prompts.
  • By Bpay using your credit card or savings account. Contact your bank or financial institution to arrange payment directly from their website.

How to pay Rates On-line
You will need your rate notice and a valid credit card to make a payment. Click on the link Pay Your Rates Online and you will be taken to a secure site with SSL encryption so that you can be sure your credit card details are safe (look for the padlock in the bottom left hand corner!).

Complete the online form, entering your assessment number (top right hand corner of your notice), the amount you wish to pay, your credit card number and the expiry date.

If you make a mistake, please press cancel to clear the form. When you are ready to pay, click on Make Payment. You will be given a receipt number, which we advise you keep a record of. The payment will be directed to Council's bank account and the following day we will receive payment advice from our Merchant Bank so that we can credit your rates account with the payment.

If you have any queries in regard to online payments, please contact Council's Rates Department on 9771 7704.

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