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Proposed Amalgamations of Bush Fire Brigades
The following Bush Fire Brigades within the Shire of Manjimup have formally approached the Shire of Manjimup with the intent to amalgamate.

  • Northcliffe and Windy Harbour Brigades; and
  • Browns Road, North Pemberton and Eastbrook Brigades.

Public comments from residents or members of the Bush Fire Brigades on the proposed amalgamation are to be made in writing and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer Shire of Manjimup, and handed to the Administration Centre 37-39 Rose Street, Manjimup or posted to PO Box 1, Manjimup WA 6258 or emailed to no later than Wednesday16 September 2015.
For any information regarding the amalgamation please contact Todd Ridley, Community Emergency Services manager at the Shire of Manjimup 9771 7777 or email

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Planning Development Act 2005

Shire of Manjimup

Notice of Public Advertisement of Planning Proposal 

The local government has received an application for the Continuation of an Industry - Extractive (Sand) for the following purpose and public comment is invited.


Property Details:   Lot 10 Conte Road, Collins

Proposal:              Application TP113/3205: proposed continuation of Industry - Extractive (Sand)


Details of the proposal are available for inspection at the Shire of Manjimup Office, Rose Street, Manjimup and through the link below.

Documents Link
Application Click here

Should any person or group wish to make comment on the planning application, it is required to be in writing and received at the Shire by 5.00pm Wednesday 9 September 2015.  Written submissions are to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup and either posted to PO Box 1, Manjimup WA 6258 or emailed to  More information can be obtained by contacting Planning and Environment on 9771 7777.

Andrew Campbell

Chief Executive Officer


Wednesday 9 September 2015

Planning and Development Act 2005

Local Planning Scheme Amendments

Available for Inspection

Shire of Manjimup Local Planning Scheme No. 4

Amendment No 18

Notice is hereby given that the local government of the Shire of Manjimup has prepared the abovementioned local planning scheme amendment for the purpose of rezoning 2.8ha of Lot 50 Cronin Street, Manjimup from Rural Smallholdings to 'Residential R20' and modify the boundary of Development Investigation Area No. 7 (DIA 7) to exclude the rezoned area of the lot.  The remainder of Lot 50, as well as the other properties within DIA 7 will remain zoned Rural Smallholdings and is unaffected by this proposal.

The scheme amendment primarily seeks to allow residential lots to be subdivided along Cronin Street.  Over time, the area to be rezoned will yield approximately 20 lots.

Within the area proposed to be rezoned to Residential R20, more detailed planning and investigations are proposed to occur at the subdivision, planning application and building permit stages.

Submissions on the local planning scheme amendment may be made in writing on Form No.4 and lodged with the undersigned on or before Tuesday 6 October 2015.  Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Planning and Environment on 9771 7777.


Documents Link
Location Plan Click here
Context Plan Click here
Draft Amendment Documentation Click here
Indictative Structure Plan Click here
Local Water Management Strategy Click here
Proposed Zoning Click here
Form 4 Click here


Tuesday 6 October 2015


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