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What is SuperTowns?
SuperTowns is a State Government initiative seeking to plan for the town’s expansion over the next 30 years, to provide a vibrant and attractive rural location to help absorb the expectant doubling of the Western Australian population.

In July 2011, Manjimup was selected as one of nine SuperTowns, offering more choices for people wanting to live in regional areas and provide an attractive alternative to living in the metropolitan area.

SuperTowns will stimulate new business opportunities and new jobs, which will attract more investment and more people to live in the town.

What does this mean for Manjimup?
Manjimup being selected as a SuperTown gets the opportunity to develop a growth and implementation plan showing how we want the town to grow and look like in 20-30 years time.

The State Government through the Royalties for Regions funded the planning stage of the Growth Plan and we now move into the implementation phase of this initiative.

The Shire of Manjimup established a local SuperTown Project Team, which consisted of 3 Shire staff members to work solely on the implementation of the Growth Plan.  The SuperTown Project Team was also assisted by other parts of the Shire, the Shire Senior Management Team, Councillors plus a group of nominated community members that formed the Community Reference Group.

To read more about Manjimup’s selection as a SuperTown, please read the factsheet that is attached HERE.

Where we are today

The first steps towards identifying projects to be funded by SuperTowns was the preparation of a Growth Plan.  The Growth Plan includes an implementation plan, prioritising the planned initiatives.
The Growth Plan has been prepared by the Shire of Manjimup and RPS consultants, also partnering with the South West Development Commission and Department of Regional Development and Lands.

On 1 March 2012 Council endorsed the Preliminary SuperTown Growth Plan, this document establishes the direction that needs to be taken to double the population of Manjimup by 2031.  This document was lodged with the State Government on 6 March 2012 for their assessment, with the final document being lodged with the State in September 2012.

To view a copy of the Manjimup SuperTown Growth Plan please click on the following links (please note that this is a large document and may take some time to down load, the plan has been broken into smaller segments to make downloading faster).

Document Link
SuperTown Growth Plan, Part 1 - Contents and Summary Click here
SuperTown Growth Plan, Part 2 - Chapters 1- 2 Click here
SuperTown Growth Plan, Part 2 - Chapter 3 Click here
SuperTown Growth Plan, Part 3 - Chapters 4-5 Click here
SuperTown Growth Plan, Part 4 - Chapter 6 (Pages 54-65) Click here

SuperTown Growth Plan Part 4 - Chapter 6 (Pages 66-73)

Click here
SuperTown Growth Plan, Part 5 - Chapter 7-9 Click here

Supporting Plans

An Economic Development Plan has been prepared to support the SuperTown Growth Plan.  There are three parts to the economic work, those being a Socio-Economic Profile of Manjimup, Economic Gaps and Opportunities Analysis and the Economic Development Plan.

Each of these documents is available below:

Manjimup SuperTown: Economic Development Plan
Manjimup Supertown:  Economic Gaps and Opportunities
Manjimup SuperTown:  Socio-Economic Profile


The two projects that were selected under the SuperTown initiative are now powering ahead, a copy of the project update for each of these projects is available by clicking on the following link –

Manjimup’s Agricultural Expansion Project
Manjimup’s Town Centre Revitalisation Project

To view concept designs for Manjimup’s Town Centre Revitalisation Project please click on the links below:

Townscape Concept Plans Link
Brockman Street Concept Plan Click here
Northern Timber Arch concept Plan Click here
Manjin Park Concept Plan Click here
Allambie Park North Concept Plan Click here
Allambie Park South Concept Plan Click here
Southern Timber Arch Concept Plan Click here
Seven Day Road Concept Plan Click here
Timber Heritage Park Concept Plan Click here
Timber Heritage Park Playground Preliminary Design Click here


Contact Details

For further information on the SuperTown initiative and the progress of the SuperTown projects please contact us on the details below:

Shire of Manjimup
Rachel Croft – Project Communications / Support Officer
Business:  (08) 9771 7766   Mobile:  0409 690 537

Southern Forests Food Council
Laura Bolitho – Project Officer
Business:  (08) 9772 4180   Mobile:  0419 971 080

Department of Agriculture and Food
Kim Antonio – Manager Future Food
Business:  (08) 9368 3676 – Perth,   (08) 9777 0151 – Manjimup,   Mobile:  0400 614 328

Southern Forests Food Council

The Southern Forests Food Council Inc. was established in September 2012 to represent the interests of local producers, culinary and agri-tourism operators and to further the Southern Forests region’s status as the South West’s food bowl.

Why is it important?
The Southern Forests Food Council, taking in the towns of Manjimup, Pemberton, Walpole and Northcliffe, is home to an incredible variety of produce and experiences. These include around 50 different fruits and vegetables, truffles and boutique produce, and dairy and cattle farms, as well as award-wining wineries, and exceptional culinary experiences. In all, the agricultural sector is valued at around $96 million per annum, making it the area’s most significant economic driver and representing a major opportunity to drive growth in the region.

The Food Council will play a critical role in unifying the area’s diverse producers to strengthen economic performance, attract further investment, create jobs, promote regional pride and ultimately achieve recognition as a highly regarded culinary tourism destination.

Who’s involved?
The Food Council was initially founded by a group of passionate local producers and those recognising the benefits that food-tourism could bring the area in late 2010.

It’s role was formalised following the receipt of funding under the State Government’s SuperTowns initiative. A copy of the business plan associated with the funding is attached.

A Steering Group, incorporating the Department of Agriculture and Food WA, Shire of Manjimup and South West Development Commission, was set up to support and monitor the project.

Following a terrific response from the community the Southern Forests Food Council has appointed it inaugural Committee of Management to help steer agricultural expansion in the region and promote the area as a national and international culinary destination.

The new Southern Forests Food Council Committee of Management consists of:

Bevan Eastts - Chair Nicole Giblett - Vice Chair Brad Ipsen - Deputy Vice Chair
John Lucey - Secretary Alexis Gandy - Treasurer Wayne Franceschi
Al Blakers Kim Edwards Vic Peos

How is it funded?
Through the State Government’s Royalties for Regions’ Manjimup SuperTowns initiative, the Southern Forests Food Council has been awarded a $5 million investment, as part of a $7 million allocation to the Shire of Manjimup for its agricultural expansion, in May 2012.

SuperTowns is an $85.5 mission initiative, under the Royalties for Regions program, to support population growth in southern WA.  To date 17 major projects have been identified for funding across nine strategically located SuperTowns; Boddington, Collie, Esperance, Jurien Bay, Katanning, Manjimup, Margaret River, Morawa and NOrtham.  The progrem is administered by the Western Australian Government's Department of Regional Development and Lands.

Where can I get further information?

For further details, contact:

Laura Bolitho Project Officer 0419 971 080


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