Tenders and Expressions of Interest


Tenders Effective Date

Southern Forest Visitor Guide
The Shire of Manjimup is seeking Expessions of Interest for the preparation and production of the Southern Forests Visitor Guide.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) close Friday 18 December 2015 5.00pm.  Late EOI's will not be accepted.  Canvassing of Councillors or Council officers will disqualify.
EOI's should be marked Confidential "Expressions of Interest - Visitor Guide" and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Manjimup Administration Centre, 37-39 Rose Street, Manjimup  WA 6258 or online to info@manjimup.wa.gov.au

For further information and to access work scope documents please see the table below.

Documents Link
Scope of Work Click here


5pm Friday 18 December 2015.

Public Facility Cleaning Manjimup and Securing Selected Shire Facilities Manjimup

The Shire of Manjimup is seeking Expressions of Interest from an Independent Contractor or Contractors for the cleaning of selected Shire buildings and the securing of selected facilities as listed below:

  • Cleaning and opening of selected Shire public toilets on weekends and public holidays:
  • Lockup and checking of buildings at the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park and the Manjimup Town Hall public toilets after business hours;
  • Cleaning of the Shire Depot after business hours.

Interested persons are able to obtain copies of the specifications upon request and can tender for all or part of the above.  Site visits can be arranged upon request.
Submissions should be marked "Expressions of Interest for Public Facility Cleaning Manjimup and Securing selected Council Facilities Manjimup ADM 10/6" and delivered to the Shire of Manjimup, Administration Centres, 37-39 Rose Street, Manjimup, WA 6258; or submitted by facsimile on 9771 7771 or online to tenders@manjimup.wa.gov.au
Closing date for submissions is 5pm Friday 6 November 2015.
Further Information: Please contact Peter Krispyn, manager Building Services on 9771 7777 or peter.krispym@manjimup.wa.gov.au.

  5pm Friday 6 November 2015


Protocol for Submissions of Tenders and Expressions of Interest.


Late tenders will not be accepted.  The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.  Canvassing of Councillors or Council officers will disqualify.

Each tender submission must be clearly marked, noting its full title (including the tender number) and delivered to the Tender Box, Shire of Manjimup.

It is important that you are aware that Tenders or Expressions of Interest received by email or fax cannot be assured of confidentiality.  Late Tenders or Expressions will not be accepted.  If you require any further information please contact our Administration Centre during normal office hours on (08) 9771 7777.

Applications should be sent to:

Post By Hand
Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Manjimup
PO Box 1
Shire of Manjimup
Administration Centre
37-39 Rose Street
E-mail for Tenders Fax
tenders@manjimup.wa.gov.au (08) 9771 7771
E-mail for Expressions of Interest  E-mail for Quotations
info@manjimup.wa.gov.au info@manjimup.wa.gov.au