Committees of Council

​​​​There are currently 15 Shire of Manjimup Committees of which both Councillors, staff, other organisations and members of the public may be a member. Councillor representation can be found here.

Our committees represent a key consultative and decision making opportunity for community members to participate in the broader decision making processes of local government. We encourage any member of the public to nominate for any committee which has public representation.

The terms of reference below, define the functions of the committee, stipulate meeting frequency and quorum, term of appointment and current membership.

Councillor Representation on Committees

Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee​ ​Wendy Eiby​David Tapley
​Airfield Management CommitteeCliff WinfieldRobert Taylor (Proxy)
Audit CommitteeCliff Winfield
Denise Jenkins

Paul Omodei (Proxy)
​​Bush Fire Advisory CommitteeCliff WinfieldMurray Ventris (Proxy)
Chief Executive Officer Review CommitteeVerrell Herbert
Paul Omodei
Robert Taylor
Denise Jenkins
David Tapley
​​Local Emergency Management CommitteePaul OmodeiCliff Winfield (Proxy)
​Manjimup Agricultural Expansion Project Management CommitteeLynn DaubneyCliff Winfield
Manjimup Timber and Heritage Advisory Committee
Jayde Salomone
Denise Jenkins (Proxy)
Manjimup Recreation Advisory CommitteeJayde Salomone (Proxy)Robert Taylor
​​Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation Advisory CommitteePaul OmodeiRobert Taylor (Proxy)
​​Northcliffe Forest Park Management CommitteeLynn Daubney (Proxy)Wendy Eiby
​Northcliffe Town Centre Revitalisation Advisory CommitteeWendy EibyMurray Ventris (Proxy)
Northcliffe Town Hall Management Committee Lynn Daubney (Proxy)Wendy Eiby
​Pemberton Town Centre Revitalisation Advisory CommitteeVerrell Herbert (Proxy)Murray Ventris
​​Plant Replacement Committee
David Tapley
Murray Ventris
Paul Omodei
Robert Taylor
Walpole Town Centre Revitalisation Advisory Committee

David Tapley

Wendy Eiby (Proxy)

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