​When is the next Ordinary Election?

Saturday, 19​ October 2019.

Postal voting - what does this mean?

The WA Electoral Commission will post the voting package to the address listed for you in the Electoral Roll. The postal voting package you receive will include instructions on how to fill out your ballot paper and declaration correctly. You then post the completed postal vote in the reply paid envelope.

What if I forget to post my vote back?

On election day, there will be polling places for you to hand in your completed postal vote. The polling place locations will be advertised closer to election day.

What if I lose or ruin my postal voting package?

We can issue replacement voting packages at the Shire of Manjimup Administration Office. You'll need to fill in a form and we'll check to make sure your vote hasn't already been received and counted. We can also issue replacement voting packages on election day.

How do I check if I’m enrolled?

You can check your enrolment online with the WA Electoral Commission. Or call them on 13 63 06. If your enrolment on the State Electoral Roll is incorrect, complete a new enrolment form. Or pick one up at our Administration Centre.

To check that you are correctly enrolled on the Shire's Owners and Occupiers Roll, contact the Office of the CEO at the Shire of Manjimup on 9771 7777.

If you've moved recently, it's a good idea to check your enrolment prior to end of August in the election year, as the rolls are closed on the 50th day before the election.

What are the polling hours on Election Day?

Polling places are open from 8am to 6pm on Election Day.

What is an extraordinary election?

In certain situations, an extraordinary election is held to fill the position of councillor. This may be due, for example, to the resignation of an existing councillor. If the vacancy occurs close to when an ordinary election is due, then the early vacancy may be combined into the ordinary election.

Page reviewed: 26 Aug 2019 2:52pm