​The Shire of Manjimup Standing Orders Local Law 2013 sets out the requirements for making a petition to Council.  An extract of the relevant section is detailed below. 

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Extract from the Shire of Manjimup Standing Orders Local Law 2013:

6.10 Petitions

(1) A petition is to—

(a) be addressed to the President;

(b) be made by electors of the district;

(c) state the request on each page of the petition;

(d) contain the name, address and signature of each elector making the request, and the date each elector signed;

(e) contain a summary of the reasons for the request; and

(f) state the name of the person to whom, and an address at which, notice to the petitioners can be given.

(2) Upon presentation of a petition, the local government is to either—

(a) receive the petition and submit the petition to the relevant employee for consideration and inclusion in a subsequent report to Council on the matter that is the topic of the submission; or

(b) If, in the opinion of the Presiding member, the subject or topic of the petition does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Council, reject the petition.

(3) At any meeting, the Council is not to vote on any matter that is the subject of a petition receivedby the Council unless—

(a) the matter is the subject of a report included in the agenda; and

(b) the Council has considered the issues raised in the petition.

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