Manjimup Art Gallery

​​​​​Due to the new  measures outlined by the Commonwealth Government and to help stop the spread of COVID19 in our community, the Manjimup Art Gallery is temporarily closed.

The Manjimup Art Gallery is located in Manjimup alongside the Public Library, on the corner of Mount and Rose Streets in Manjimup.  Officially opened on 1 May 2016, the Art Gallery hosts regular exhibitions and is open during the same hours as the public library, see location information for details.​

March 2020 

Nature's Textures

As a long-time resident of the Southern Forests, artist, Debra Bettoni, is surrounded by nature's textures. Debra's work is inspired by nature's beauty and the ever-changing palette that the seasons provide. From small things like the beauty of a simple leaf to the majesty of ancient, giant trees that cast their shadow over her home, these local colours and textures define her work.​

View the exhibition here​​

May 2020

Coastal Connections   (by Ann Rice)

As an artist, I can't stop looking and being inspired by the colours, shapes and sounds which surround me.
Living on the South Coast, I am fortunate to be exposed to the might of the Southern Ocean and all that it
brings - serene balmy days, brilliant orange and pink sunsets, fierce cold fronts and huge swells. I am
captivated by the colour and shape of clouds, the light reflected in the rolling waves and the delicate lace
of foam where they tumble onto the sand.

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