Manjimup Art Gallery

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Manjimup Art Gallery is located in Manjimup alongside the Public Library, on the corner of Mount and Rose Streets in Manjimup.  Officially opened on 1 May 2016, the Art Gallery hosts regular exhibitions and is open during the same hours as the public library, see location information for details.​

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The Alternative Archive - Nectere

4 June to 3 July 2019

Shire of Manjimup artists are responding to the theme - Nectere - what ties, or binds them to the place they live.​ Their responses are very personal and varied, covering many of the stories and places of this unique area. Works will feature a range of media and some wonderfully creative interpretations of the theme. 




Tony Windberg directs a 'post-colonial' artistic gaze back out to sea to where the first European ships looked at the forbidding Australian coastline centuries earlier. 
Tourist viewing lookouts are chosen as his viewpoints, shedding light on how landscapes are framed by fixed pictorial conventions.



Fungi of the Southern Forests

What has a stem but is not a flower? What has a cap but is not a pen? What has gills but is not a fish?

A fungi.

The Manjimup Photography Club is holding a photography competition to showcase the delicate beauty of these unusual organisms and to celebrate their diversity in our Southern Forests. Photos submitted for the competition must be of fungi found in the Southern Forests.

Entries will be displayed at the Manjimup Art Gallery from 14-23 August 2019.  

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Watch this space for Children's Book Week activities based on the theme – Reading is my Secret Power.



About Body: An exhibition of contemporary jewellery by Louise Tasker

We create and manipulate environments in which to live. Unity with the world inescapable. At some point, our environment touches the human in us, and I try to represent a gold necklace, a wooden brooch....a hair arm piece....or a cape of weeds....



Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival Inaugural Art Prize

The inaugural Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival Art Prize, will form part of the community activities at the December 2019 Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival. 

A Perth Judge will adjudicate both the Open Class and the Youth Class.   In 2019 it will feature 2D work only, however, this will change in following years.

The Youth Class aims to inspire and nurture the artistic talent of young adults in our Shire and adjoining towns. 

The competition will be curated and judged on the theme of 'Harmony' to reflect the community harmony anticipated when our Cherry Festival was first named.

Coming in 2020...

Grooving the Grain

(Local artists using a variety of wood species to showcase the colour, texture, form and diversity of the grain) 

It is not surprising to find an active group of local wood turners and sculptors creating exceptional artworks in an area synonymous with wood given the abundance of raw material.  In a range of small workshops and studios across the Shire, these artists transform anomalies in old or odd pieces of wood into unique works that are limited only by the imagination.

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