Manjimup Art Gallery

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Manjimup Art Gallery is located in Manjimup alongside the Public Library, on the corner of Mount and Rose Streets in Manjimup.  Officially opened on 1 May 2016, the Art Gallery hosts regular exhibitions and is open during the same hours as the public library, see location information for details.​

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March 2020 

Nature's Textures

As a long-time resident of the Southern Forests, artist, Debra Bettoni, is surrounded by nature's textures. Debra's work is inspired by nature's beauty and the ever-changing palette that the seasons provide. From small things like the beauty of a simple leaf to the majesty of ancient, giant trees that cast their shadow over her home, these local colours and textures define her work.​

May 2020

Coastal Connections   (by Ann Rice)

As an artist, I can't stop looking and being inspired by the colours, shapes and sounds which surround me.
Living on the South Coast, I am fortunate to be exposed to the might of the Southern Ocean and all that it
brings - serene balmy days, brilliant orange and pink sunsets, fierce cold fronts and huge swells. I am
captivated by the colour and shape of clouds, the light reflected in the rolling waves and the delicate lace
of foam where they tumble onto the sand.

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