Our Coastline

​​​A brief summary of some of the beaches and coastline within the Shire of Manjimup, and how to go about accessing these facilities, are detailed below. To learn about our coastal management strategies, go here.

For further information on these facilities, please visit the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Parks and Wildlife Service website.  This website contains very useful information and downloads, including maps, guides and tips.  ​

​Salmon Beach​

Accessible from Windy Harbour Road, Salmon beach can be accessed via sealed road with a two-wheel-drive vehicle.  Picnic facilities are also provided.

Point D'Entrecasteaux / Tookulup Lookout​

Fantastic walking paths and lookout platforms that allow visitors to feel as though they are stepping out over the cliffs that decorate this beautiful part of our coastline.

Windy Harbour

A fabulous swimming beach, as well as a boat ramp, that are complemented by a caravan and camping ground for people who want to stay for longer.  All accessible via two-wheel-drive.  For further information, visit the Windy Harbour page on this website.​  ​

Mandalay Beach​

This is another one of the Shire's two-wheel-drive accessible beaches that is just outside of Walpole.  A  boardwalk will take you down to the long stretch of white sand and offers beautiful views of Chatham Island.  

Yeagarup/Warren/Malimup Beaches​

Access to these popular fishing beaches and camping spots is via four-wheel-drive only.  Travelling across the sand dunes is challenging but worth it.  ​Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Parks and Wildlife Service requires a park pass for these areas.

Pristine Inlets

The Shire of Manjimup is home to the only two pristine inlets in Western Australia - Nornalup Inlet and Broke Inlet.  Experience the tranquility that these locations offer.

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