Butter Factory

​For half a century, a river of milk and cream flowed into Manjimup from farms around the district. The destination - the Manjimup Butter Factory. Built in 1926, the factory brought industrialisation to the district, turning cream into butter and exporting it to the world.

As conditions changed, the factory closed down and our dairy farmers found new destinations for their milk and cream. The building was reinvented with the opening of Stan's Machinery, which went on to serve the farming community for 30 years. This icon stands proud as a reminder of the history of the site.

"One of the greatest factors....in the advancement of the district will be the erection in Manjimup of a butter factory....This will come as a great boon to settlers all of whom have one cow each and some of them more."
(Excerpt from The West Australian 5 August 1925, p 10)



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