Experience our Heritage

​The Park is home to a number of heritage exhibitions that reflect the diverse history of the region. Throughout the park you can find a number rail and relic displays, many of which were from the region's forestry industry. A number of small museums and exhibitions are also located throughout the Park showcasing various industries and functions of the region. 

Take a step back in time inside the park’s Age of Steam Museum, where you will find the restored 1907 Robey Cross Compound Engine. The museum is stacked with information on steam trains and the role they played in Manjimup’s timber industry and on the walls are numerous historic photographs from the old Tone River Mill.

While you are exploring the history of our town and it’s surrounding area take a walk through the Historical Hamlet, where you will find seven restored buildings that were operational within the town in the early 1900’s.

The Hamlet features a police station and lock up, bush school, doctor's surgery, settler's cottage, forestry office, fire lookout tower and tower man's hut. All giving the impression of what it would be like to live and work in a settlement town. The Manjimup Historical Society maintain the exhibitions in the hamlet and are frequently updating and changing the displays. ​

 History House is a place for the Manjimup Historical Society to house the hundreds of heritage documents that they have on the history of our town. It also offers a great display area to showcase some of Manjimup’s historical icons. History House joins the other heritage buildings in the park, adding to the concept of a heritage yesteryear timber town. It is a replica of the Manjimup Town Hall that existed many years ago.

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