Windy Harbour

​Windy Harbour is a unique holiday settlement on the south coast of Western Australia, situated on 190 hectares of Crown reserve and surrounded by the world famous D'Entrecasteaux National Park. Windy Harbour consists of leasehold holiday cottages, fisherman leasehold cottages and a camping ground.


It is a scenic 90 minute drive south of Manjimup and is 27km south of Northcliffe. Approximately 230 cottages have been developed on individual leases since the early 1900's. Leasehold tenure, seasonal occupation and a strong community spirit have generated a settlement of unique character.

After the great depression, inexpensive camping holidays on the south coast were favoured by many of the south west timber workers during the Christmas break when mills ceased to operate for several weeks. It was during these times that the strong social ties and community spirit, which still typify the Windy Harbour settlement, were first established.

Fishing has always been, and still is, a major recreational activity at Windy Harbour and one of the principal reasons for establishment of the settlement. The settlement provides visitors with spectacular scenery, safe harbour on the rugged coast line and rewarding fishing.


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