Antenno FAQs

What is Antenno?

Antenno is an app created specifically for Local Government to send out information of interest to ratepayers, residents, investors & tourists. It allows the user to save places via a Google maps search built into the app. Places might include your home, work, dog exercise area, the road you travel to work and/or your child/ren's school. The local government then pushes out posts to the whole Shire or a zone such as a Ward or rubbish collection area. The user receives the post if they have a place saved in that zone.

Q - Why do I have to save places as specific addresses, why can't I save a region?

The aim of Antenno is to provide relevant information for places you care about. If it was broader, Antenno posts would start to resemble a social media feed that you need to sift through to find messages relevant to you.

If something comes up that affects the entire region or ward, you'll still receive it.

Q - Can I opt out of a topic for a specific place?

Yes, even if the places are in the same Ward. Let's say you have saved your work address (where you don't want to receive recycling reminders) and your home address (where you do want to receive recycling reminders).

Q - Can I opt back in to a topic that I have opted out of?

Not at this stage, but very soon yes you will be able to.

Q - Can I respond?

If you’ve found the post useful, you can thank us using the thumbs up icon. Enhancements in the future will allow for more interaction.

Q - I have a hut in Windy Harbour, but I can't find it in the app search - what do I do?

The lot numbers in Windy Harbour aren't searchable on Google maps, and therefore can't be found in Antenno. To save a place in Windy Harbour, you can search the street and save that, ie: Macallen Way, Windy Harbour.

Q - Sometimes posts seem to be delayed - why?

The app requires either a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data to receive posts. If you are not in a Wi-Fi zone and don't have your mobile data on, you won't receive new posts until you are connected again.

Q - Sometimes I don't receive a post for weeks - why?

Because there hasn't been an incident or message relevant to your saved places. Don't worry – Antenno will let you know when something comes up.

Q - How do you choose which posts go to which devices or places?

When the Shire has a message to send we assess which parts of the Shire would find the message relevant. For instance:

  • A planned road closure of a main connecting road might be sent to the whole Shire.

  • A post reminding people that the Manjimup Farmer’s market is on tomorrow, might be sent to the Central, North, East & West Wards.

  • A rates reminder would be sent district wide, as would a reminder about dog or cat registrations.

  • A post for a Shire approved event in Walpole, might be sent to the South Ward only.

  • A post alerting people to road works between Northcliffe & Pemberton would be sent to the Coastal & West Wards.

Q - If I have multiple places saved, how do I know which place a post relates to?

Each post shows which of your saved places it relates to, by displaying the places' nickname at the top left.

For example, if you have saved three places (your home, your work and your rental property for instance) you will see that for a Rates Reminder (a district wide message) all three nicknames appear at the top as this post is relevant to all three places.

As another example; if your rental property is in Manjimup and you receive a recycling message for that place, it is because recycling is due for your rental property, not your home in Pemberton.

Q - If I have a business that relies on a significant portion of the Shire of Manjimup road network, how can I receive posts about all road work?

You can save a place in each Ward and that way, you'll receive the posts for every Ward. In fact, you can save a major road from each Ward as one of your places, plus your home, depot, etc... You can then opt out of the posts for each Ward, that aren't interesting to you.

Page reviewed: 22 Jun 2017 4:02pm