Antenno - Keeping you up to date

​​​​The Shire of Manjimup is excited to introduce Antenno, a free mobile app that sends you notifications and alerts about places you care about.

Antenno is simple and easy to use and no personal information or log on details are required. No need to check multiple sources of information either – Antenno sends information directly to you.

Antenno will alert you to:

  • Rubbish and Recycling days so you don't forget

  • Shire approved events happening near you

  • Planned road closures so you don't get caught out

  • ...and so much more

You can tell us things too!

With the reporting feature you can notify us of required works, roads requiring grading, straying stock, pot holes, signage repairs and much more.


You can share too.  Share your notifications with others who may have an interest, they dont need the app to receive you shared notification.


Download Antenno from the App Store or Google Play and save the places you care about, such as your home, work, rental property or school.  Antenno will notify you when something relevant to your chosen place(s) is posted. 

Antenno is FREE and totally anonymous. Stay up to date with what's happening where you live, work and play!

Find out more about Antenno including frequently asked questions here.

Antenno gets new navigation

We'll soon be releasing a new version of the Antenno app with the 'hamburger' menu replaced with a more user-friendly bottom navigation bar.

Most people are likely to be familiar with bottom navigation bars from other apps, so we expect the new navigation will be easily understood. 

About navigation bars

Bottom navigation bars are a popular menu choice for primary navigation. They have a number of benefits over other menu options:

- Menu items are always visible, helping the user more readily explore the app.

- It's physically easier to reach the buttons when using one hand.

- The user can more easily discover new features as they are added to the menu.

We're excited about this change and the improvement in usability that it will bring to Antenno.

Here are some screenshots of the new look.​

Page reviewed: 02 Nov 2020 11:31am