Event Applications and Permits

​​​​​​​​Event Application​​​​​s

All event applications are assessed by a team of people who evaluate each event based on a variety of measures including risk, impact, size and timing. As such, our event application form does ask a large amount of information. Some of these questions might not apply to your event (e.g. temporary camping) in such cases please write n/a as a response. All questions must be answered to be considered for review.  

Complete event applications and supporting documentation should be received by the Shire 90 days before the proposed event date.​


Please ensure that you download and use the current event application forms below to avoid resubmission.

STEP 1 - before you start completing the application, please take time to read the Information for Event Organisers document.  It answers almost everything you could ask and highlights areas of responsibility for event organisers (e.g. toilet allocation, water supply amounts etc).

​Guide for Events in the Shire of Manjimup

​STEP 2 - complete the Event Application form in full and submit 90 days before your proposed event date.

2020 Event Application 2.1

​​STEP 3 - submit a risk plan. All events have some form of risk. As such, a risk assessment must be completed for every event. This can be via the risk matrix in the event application form or with your own Risk Management Plan. If you don't already have your own Risk or Emergency Management Plans, then please feel free to use the templates below to guide you in the process of creating one.

2020 Risk Management Plan - Template​

STEP 4 - submit a site plan. All events require a site plan so the events team can adequately assess the event application. ​​ The site plan can be hand-drawn or completed in a computer program such as Paint.  The Information for Event Organisers document​ has further details on what it should include. See the example below.

​​Site Plan Example

STEP 5 - submit a waste plan. Waste is a major part of all events. It must be managed appropriately. The Shire can assist event organisers with understanding event waste and its management. Complete and submit the following document along with your application.

Event Waste Management Tool


​Fees and Charges​

Please be aware event application fees apply for most applications in accordance with the Council's adopted Fees and Charges​.​  In addition, other Fees and Charges may apply to your event such as, but not limited to: Temporary Camping Permits, Traders Permits, Waste Management and Traffic Management.

For all event enquiries, contact the Events Liaison​ Officer on 9771 7777 or by email at communityevents@manjimup.wa.gov.au

​​Supporting Documentation (Permits)

Along with the submission of your event application, you may need to apply for additional permits from various departments within the Shire.  These documents should be submitted to the Event Liaison Officer anything from six months to thirty days before the proposed event date.  

Other required permits may include:

​Form 1 - Public Building Application to Construct, Alter or Extend a Public Building

Form 2 - Public Building Application for Certificate of Approval

Form 3 - Public Building Application for Variation of Certificate of Approval

Form 5 - Certificate of Electrical Compliance

Temporary Camping Application for Events on Shire Land

Temporary Camping Application for Events on Private Land

Food Act 2008 Registration Notification Form

Temporary Food Stall Application Form

Overarching Trade Application

Event Planning

The following documents may be useful in planning your event.

Toilet Numbers for Events

Concerts and Mass Gatherings Guidelines

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