Event Volunteering

​​​​​​Many of the events held in the Shire would not be possible without the amazing commitment of volunteers.

We are often asked by event organisers for information on volunteers who may be willing to help at events.

To that end, we are building a database of volunteers to enable us to provide event organisers with the requested information.

​If you are willing to be listed on our database please complete the form below with your details and preferences.


Event Volunteer Registration Form

Preferred contact method:(optional)
Preferred contact time:(optional)
Event Type:(optional)
Select the event type you would like to volunteer for:
What are your preferred volunteer roles?
Please select times that suit you
Which locations are you able to volunteer in?
Drivers Licence Classes:(optional)
Please select your classes of drivers licence
Please note any experience you may have
Are you aware of any illness, injury or disability that may preclude you from doing any particular duties, or which could recur or be aggravated by the nature of the placement for which you are applying?

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