Certified applications - all Classes

A certified application is where you engage a registered building surveyor to assess your proposal and complete a CDC before the application for a building permit is submitted. The CDC will need to accompany the application for a building permit certified Form BA1. If all other required approvals have been obtained, the Shire has 10 business days to determine your application.‚Äč

Applications over $20,000 in value require a registered builder or owner builder approval. If you are considering becoming an owner builder, you will need to seek approval from the Building Commission. Download the application form here.

Your certifier (building surveyor) will provide you with the required plans and specifications; this is what you then submit to the Shire.

It is the responsibility of your building surveyor to have all of the required certifed plans provided to you for submission. All questions relating to the approved plans should be directed to your building surveyor in the first instance. The Shire, as the local permit authority, is only responsible for the issuing of the building permit for the building works.

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