Demolition permits

​A demolition permit is required for any class 1-9 building..

For a class 10 building such as a shed, a permit is required when the floor area is above 40m2 or demolition is likely to affect the safety and health of the occupants, surrounding users, incidental structures, the public or is subject to an order.

Application for a demolition permit is via Form BA5. You will need to include a copy of a site plan clearly indicating the building/s to be demolished and the structures to be retained. A minimum of 3 photos of the existing building should be supplied for historical purposes.

If the proposed demolition works are likely to adversely affect adjoining land or buildings beyond the boundaries of the demolition site, a Form BA20 (completed and signed by the affected adjoining land owners) must be submitted with the demolition application. Should the affected adjoining land owner refuse to grant their consent, a Court Order to carry out the proposed works must be obtained and a copy provided with the application.

Upon completion of the works, the demolition contractor must notify the Shire within 7 days of completion by lodging a Form BA7.

If the person / contractor who has been issued the Demolition Permit ceases or fails to complete the works, they must notify the Shire within 7 days of the cessation of works by submitting a Form BA8.

It is required that all buildings to be demolished are rat baited. There are also specific requirements with regards to the demolition of buildings containing asbestos products, and buildings connected to on-site effluent disposal systems (septic tanks).

In addition, other authorities are to be notified of the proposed demolition works. These authorities include but not limited to Water Corporation​, Western Power​, Telstra, Worksafe and Heritage Council of WA.

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