Community Bus


​​The Community Bus is a 2012 Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa.  It seats 24 people, including the driver, and is owned and operated by the Shire of Manjimup. 

Whilst priority is given to the core groups, being seniors (55+), youth (under 25) and disabled groups, other community groups may hire the bus.  The vehicle is available for private hire at the discretion of the Shire of Manjimup, if no commercial vehicles are available. 

Bookings and key collection

Bookings can be made by contacting the Shire of Manjimup on 9771 7780 or by submitting an online query to

Unless otherwise pre-arranged, keys to the bus must be collected from the Shire of Manjimup depotDetails of the depot are as follows:

Operating Hours: Monday - Thursday, 7:00am - 4:30pm; Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm

Address: 16 Wetherell Street, Manjimup

The bus key must be returned no later than 4:00pm, Monday - Thursdays and 3:00pm, Fridays, unless by prior arrangement.

Pricing Structure

Prices are reviewed on 1 July of each year.  

Please see the Fees and Charges Schedule​ for current prices .

Note: At the sole discretion of the Shire of Manjimup Chief Executive Officer, "Not for Profit" community groups may apply for a waiver of the bond in lieu of a letter of surety, under the following conditions:

  • A written declaration of responsibility and agreement to make good any damages must be submitted at least 14 days prior to hire.  Damages are to include excess costs of any claim; or
  • That credit card details are provided as bond.  

Conditions of Hire

All bus hirers must pay a bond, refundable upon satisfactory bus inspection after return. 

The bus must be returned clean (as per cleaning checklist) and with a full tank of fuel (above the full line).  Extra charges and surcharges will apply should these conditions not be met. 

The bus booking forms need to be completed and the hirer must advise the Shire of any deficiencies prior to taking the bus out of the yard.  If this does not occur, these deficiencies may be attributed to the current hirer.

Any use of the first aid kit, extinguisher or cleaning items must be reported and paid for.

Paid drivers must hold a current LR, MRD or HR license with an 'F' class enforcement.  Original licences must be produced for copying and keeping on record.  Drivers must perform their duties in compliance with all of the provisions of the Road Traffic Act and the Department of Transport regulations for driving of a Tourist Coach (TC) license omnibus vehicle. 

If a non-endorsed driver does receive an unexpected reward for their driving, they may request a Statutory Declaration (special circumstances only, final decision is at the discretion of the Shire of Manjimup Chief Executive Officer).  All road traffic laws must be obeyed and any infringements paid for. 


We understand that from time to time your bus requirements may change.  In the event of a cancellation, seven (7) days notice must be given, otherwise the full hire fee will be forfeited.  If the bus is rehired, a $20 administration fee may be charged and the forfeit fee will be waived.  Extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special license?  Yes, an LR or greater with F endorsement.

What do I pay for? A refundable bond, booking fee plus the per kilometre rate. 

What are my hire obligations?  The bus must be returned clean and be refuelled.

Do I have to wear the seatbelt?  Yes, seatbelts must be worn in accordance with normal road rules, including requirements for children.

Is there air conditioning and heating?  Yes, the bus is equipped with heating and air conditioning.

I don't have a driver, who can I call?  No problem, the Shire of Manjimup has a list of possible drivers that you can contact.

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