Event Services

​​​​​The Shire of Manjimup offers support to event organisers to ensure all events are run safely, successfully and are compliant with all relevant legislations.​ All events run within the Shire have the potential to contribute to the local economy, tourism, community pride and wellbeing as well as being inclusive for the whole community. 

How can we help you?

The Shire can assist in many different ways​ including support and advice on venue providers, grant funding, promotion, advertising, health and safety, financial support, traffic plans and management, waste management, inspections, approvals and volunteers.

Event organisers are encouraged to contact the Shire's Events Liaison Officer to discuss their ideas before submitting the required forms. Please ensure that you use the current event application forms below to avoid resubmission.

Each event application requires submission of the following:  

Booklet 1 - Event Manual ​   ​                                                                                                                               Form 1 - Public Building Application to Construct, Alter or Extend a Public Building                                     Form 2 - Public Building Application for Certificate of Approval                                                                    Event Booklet 2 - Event Application                                                                                                                 Booklet 3 - Risk Assessment

Event applications should be received​​ by the Shire at a minimum of 12 weeks prior to the proposed event date.

For all event queries, contact the Events Liaison Officer on 9771 7777 or by email at communityevents@manjimup.wa.gov.au.

Additional Event Permits 

​Along with the submission of your events application, you​ may need to apply for additional ​permit(s) from various departments within the Shire. Other permits include:

The below information may also assist with planning an event:​

​​Event ​​​Banners

Council is committed to the promotion of local events and celebrations that contribute to our vibrant and flourishing community. To assist event organisers to promote local events Council provides fixed event banner frames in key locations near the entrance of each town for the display of temporary event banners. As the event banner frames are located on public land, banners displayed should:

  • ​Promote local festivals, key sporting and recreational events and matters or short community interest
  • Not contain private or commercial advertising
  • Not contain material that may be offensive; and
  • Be rostered for display to allow equity between competing interest

More information on the safety and compliance requirements for banners and how to apply can be found in Council's policy Temporary event banners on fixed banner frames​. For enquiries and bookings of the event banner frames contact the Shire’s Community Services team on 9771 7777.

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