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​​In 2017, the Shire of Manjimup undertook a feasibility study to develop and position Manjimup as Western Australia's first sustainable trail bike trails hub.  

Click here to view the media release​ released in 2017 which provides more information about this initiative and the next steps towards the implementation of the Trail Bike Trails Hub.

​The feasibility study was made possible by funding provided by the State Government, through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (former Department of Sport and Recreation).  Trail Bike Management Australia (TBMA) were commissioned to facilitate the study and prepare the final feasibility report.    


The feasibility report includes a detailed segmentation of the trail bike riding market based on the different riding experiences sought, rather than demographics or the types of bike. In addition, the report includes an implementation plan of six stages through which the desired Trail Bike Trails Hub positioning can take place efficiently, while progressively evolving to cater for the more complex rider segments.  Significant funding is required in order for the project to move through these six stages of implementation. 

In 2018, the Shire of Manjimup funded a 'pre-stage' phase of the project with the following objectives:
  • ​​To establish a sustainable capability to successfully develop, market and manage the Hub, trails and infrastructure; and
  • To ensure stages 1, and possible further stages, are 'funding ready', that is, ready to submit a funding application when future funding opportunities arise. 
Achievements to date during this pre-stage phase include the following:
  • ​The steering committee which was established during the feasibility study was reconvened in late 2018, consisting of representatives from key stakeholders including local businesses, riders, the Recreational Trail Bike Riders Association and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA);
  • The former steering committee agreed to be the founding members and interim executive committee of the Manjimup Trail Bike Trails Hub Inc;
  • The Manjimup Trail Bike Trails Hub Inc became incorporated on 10 January 2019, with the purposes of driving the development of the Hub and providing ongoing management of the Hub; and
  • Concept and implementation plans for the Hub, based on those in the feasibility report, were reviewed and adopted by the interim executive committee. 
Next steps in this pre-stage phase include the following:
  • Finalise an Economic Impact Analysis, which is currently being prepared, which provide evidence of the benefits that the Hub will bring to both Manjimup and the region and be utilised in applications for funding; 
  • Engage and consult with community, businesses, riders and government agencies to obtain further knowledge, feedback and involvement in the overall trail bike hub concept and stages of implementation; 
  • Nominate and elect the Manjimup Trail Bike Trails Hub Inc executive committee members; 
  • Undergo further detailed design and budgeting for the stages of implementation; and
  • ​Prepare and submit funding application/s (should funding opportunities become available).  

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