Manjimup Trail Bike Hub Feasibility Study

​​Update as at 31 May 2017 - The draft Manjimup Trail Bike Trails Hub Feasibility Report has been finalised and adopted by Council. The below media release provides more information about this and the next steps towards the implementation of the Trails Hub.

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Click here to view the Manjimup Trail Bike Trails Hub Feasibility Report 


The South West of Western Australia is well known for its natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, tall trees, unique wildflowers and flowing rivers. The region already offers world class trails for cycling, walking and kayaking, setting an ideal location for WA's first trail bike hub.

The Shire of Manjimup recognises the importance of trails as significant contributors to the liveability of local residents and an experiential tourism draw card for visitors.  With a rapid increase in motorised trail bike use state and nation-wide, the Shire has identified an opportunity to explore Manjimup as the first trail bike trail hub destination in WA.


 Feasibility Study


The State government through the Department of Sport and Recreation is a major supporter of the Manjimup Trail Bike Trails Hub Feasibility Study. Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities. 

With this funding, the Shire commissioned Trail Bike Management Australia to undertake a feasibility study to investigate the possibility of Manjimup becoming a sustainable trail bike trails hub. But what is a trails hub? 

"A trails hub is a town or destination which is widely known for its trails offering through the provision of high quality trails, strong branding, trail-user-related services, facilities and businesses, supportive governance and resourcing structure and maintenance regime.

​A trails hub can achieve this status through the provision and promotion of either a critical mass of complementary mixed-use trails or single use trails, providing there is a range of types suited to a range of experience levels and user types and a suitable maintenance regime in place." 

–World Class Trail Hub Strategy, DSR/Evolve Solutions​

The feasibility study; through literature reviews, reviews of existing facilities and stakeholder and community engagement had:

  • Investigated and recommended potential sites for a trails hub; and
  • Prepared concept plans, implementation plans, cost calculations and draft operational plans. 

Meeting Stakeholder Needs

The key component of the feasibility study was to meet the needs of all stakeholders therefore a thorough consultative plan was undertaken with the key focus placed on the following groups:

Recreational Trail Bike Users

The concept aimed to meet the needs of recreational trail bike participants who seek the freedom to explore, appreciate the outdoor environment and socialise with family and friends. The purpose designed trails would offer safe and accessible riding environments that also offer the adventure and excitement the riders seek. The region of the hub would be a welcoming tourist environment that will cater for their trail bike storage and care needs as well as ancillary needs in accommodation, hospitality and other family and recreational opportunities.

Businesses and Tourism Operators​​​

The increase in trail bike use has been driven by those with a relatively prosperous lifestyle, flexible work rosters and increasing awareness of the need for physical outdoor recreation. It is expected that the Shire's local tourism and accommodation businesses would experience economic benefits through the attraction of riders from state and national markets.  ​

Land Managers, Regulators and Community & Resident Groups​​

Agencies responsible for managing the local environment will be looking for reassurances that all risks have been carefully evaluated. The hub will have a particular focus on delivering sustainable outcomes through effective management of existing trail bike riding activity. Providing sign-posted, purpose designed trails with facilities for riders will reduce the incidence of illegal riding activity, the impact on state forest reserves and remove the negative impacts on private land holders. ​

Get Involved 

To date ​​​the Shire have undertaken multiple workshops in Perth and Manjimup as well as collect feedback through a widespread survey for trail bike riders. Our consultant has prepared the feasibility report which is now open for public comment (see the top of this page).

Talk to Us

If you wish to discuss the project further, please call Evy Apeldoorn, Manager of Community & Recreation Services  on 9771 7777​ or email ​

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