Youth Advisory Council

A Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a group of young people who are interested in the issues facing young people today - and want to do something about them. The Youth Advisory Council is currently incorporated into school student councils in the following schools;

    • Manjimup Senior High School
    • Kearnan College
    • Pemberton District School
    • Northcliffe District School
    • Walpole Primary School

The YAC seeks to:

    • Advise local governments on a wide range of youth issues and initiatives;
    • Assist in deciding funding priorities for youth facilities, events and services;
    • Assist to distribute information to young people and the wider community;
    • Develop and organise activities and events for local young people;
    • Encourage greater participation of young people in a range of community initiatives, and
    • Initiate and develop local grant proposals.


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