Daily living

​​​Shire of Manjimup DSP can assist with the skills needed to complete everyday tasks and have meaningful social relationships.

Independent Living

Support workers will focus on capacity building to optimise independence and wellbeing for individuals. This may include:

  • Support to practice and develop daily living skills and tasks such as cleaning, preparing meals, dish washing, clothes washing, ironing, lawn mowing, gardening etc.
  • Assistance to support the individual's independence in their personal care activities such as showering and dressing.
  • Assistance to keep up with essential activities such as shopping, banking and maintaining social contacts.
  • Help and guidance with paperwork and bill paying.
  • Social support including relationship building and facilitating relationship development skills and building relationships outside of paid workers.
  • Working with the individual to identify their skills and strengths and providing support to build on and develop these attributes.
  • Guidance and information on eating well and exercise.
  • Information and advocacy

Provision of Transport

The support worker travels with an individual in relation to any of the services provided – the vehicle is provided by Manjimup Home and Community Care.

​Transport may be utilised for:

  • Appointments
  • Enabling active participation in daily life activities whether it be social, economic or to attend community events and activities.

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