​​​Shire of Manjimup services and supports include supporting the individual's wellbeing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Physical wellbeing support includes:

  • ​Identifying individual preferences for physical/recreational activities and support to pursue these activities. Such as: swimming laps or walking at the local pool, walking for fitness, cycling, horse riding, tai chi, dance, the gym, Pilates, yoga , Tai Chi classes, Nordic walking and dance classes. Developing the individual's health based skills and knowledge.

Emotional and spiritual wellbeing support includes:

  • Supports and services that are individualised, aspirational and grow opportunities for individuals. Supports offer people genuine choice and could include assisting the individual to participate actively in existing community, social and civic activities and supporting the person's ability to partake in these activities.
  • ​Shire of Manjimup supports are designed to reduce the impact of disability on the person's life and optimized to promote social inclusion. The Support worker actively seeks opportunities for the individual to participate in an area of interest, or to try out a new activity, whether it be physical, educational, creative, spiritual or entrepreneurial. This might include supporting a person to join a local football team or the local Scouts group. It could include joining the Camera club, tennis club, Bowling club, the ​MHCC young women's group, art class, or the local Lions club.
​​Assistance to access and maintain employment:
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​Shire of Manjimup support includes:
    • Open employment job searching;
    • Provision of pre vocational skills training;
    • Advice and coordination with employers;
    • Workplace orientation to assist a person in acquiring a job and induction support in new employment;
    • Post school employment assistance; and
    • Opportunities to volunteer both within our agency and in the wider community to learn new skills and improve on existing skills.
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