I'm Alert food safety training

It is a requirement under the Food Act 2008 that any person preparing/handling food for the public MUST demonstrate adequate experience or training. Training in food handling will reduce the risk and incidences of food borne illnesses.
The Shire has available to all food businesses, community groups and charities a FREE online training course for food s​afety. The training course includes a certificate you can generate as proof of completion. We encourage you and your staff to complete this informative, interactive course.

Food safety training is not a requirement if;
(a)​you are trading solely for a community or charitable cause; and
(b)potentially hazardous foods are not involved.

HOWEVER we encourage you to complete the free online course anyway.

Potentially hazardous foods​ means food that is capable of supporting rapid growth of infectious or toxigenic micro-organism (e.g. raw or cooked meat, poultry, seafood, egg or dairy based products and cooked rice).​
Page reviewed: 28 Aug 2018 11:57am