​Wastewater can be categorised into two types; greywater and blackwater. Often, both types are disposed of in a combined (greywater and blackwater) disposal system, however owners may choose to install separate disposal / treatment systems. Regardless of the method ALL disposal and treatment systems must be made up of approved components. For more information, including what constitutes an approved system, refer to Public Health, Department of Health​.​

Prior to any works taking place, it is a requirement that an application form​ be submitted to the Shire of Manjimup, along with suitable plans and fee. 

The fee for typical installations is listed within the application.  The application will require two copies each of a site plan and floor plan showing all plumbing details. For those developments that are a second or more dwelling on a single lot or a commercial development producing more than 540L per day of effluent (waste water), the fee is payable to the Shire of Manjimup with an additional fee payable to the Chief Health Officer, Department of Health.

Once an application has been received, it will be assessed to ensure it complies with relevant legislation. A site visit may also be made to the property prior to approval being granted to assess site suitability, soil type and to ascertain the geography of the property.

An "Approval to Construct" will be issued outlining the installation requirements and conditions. A “Permit to Use” will be issued subject to works being completed in accordance with the Approval to Construct; often this will necessitate a follow-up site visit.

​Failing to submit an application, beginning work on the construction of a system prior to approval to construct being granted, or using a system prior to the issuing of a “Permit to Use “, may all be dealt with by prosecution.

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