Chemicals are present in our everyday lives and in many instances have become an essential part of modern living. Regardless of the type of chemical, care should always be taken and instructions adhered to. If in any doubt to the amount to use, the strength, dose or concentration contact the supplier or manufacturer for advice.
Care needs to be taken in storing chemicals with attention to expiry dates, condition of storage container (always store in original container with label) and regard to location of other chemicals which may cause a negative reaction. Care also needs to be taken when disposing of empty chemical containers and should be disposed of in the correct manner. The Shire's refuse centres all have areas for the deposit of empty chemical containers.

Chemical security

Of the 40,000 approved chemicals in use in Australia, 96 are identified as being chemicals of security concern because of their potential to be used by terrorists to make bombs or chemical weapons. If you sell or work with chemicals, you have an important role in ensuring they are used for their intended purpose. For more information on chemical security, visit Australian National Security.
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