Emergency Management Arrangements

The Shire of Manjimup, in accordance with the Emergency Management Act 2005, coordinates the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC).​ Membership of the LEMC is representative of the agencies, community groups, non-government organisations and expertise relevant to the identified community hazards and risks and emergency management arrangements.​ The committee is made up of members/staff from:
  • Council;
  • Shire of Manjimup;
  • Bushfire Brigades;
  • State Government Departments;
  • WA Police; and
  • Warren District Hospital.

The functions of the Manjimup LEMC are as set down in Section 39 of the Emergency Management Act 2005: 

​(a)​​to advise and assist the Council in ensuring that local emergency arrangements are established;
​(b)​ to liaise with public authorities and other persons in the development, review and testing of local ​emergency management arrangements; and
​(c)​to carry out other emergency management activities as directed by the SEMC or prescribed by regulations.
The Terms of Reference for the Committee can be downloaded here.

Local Emergency Management Plan 

The Shire of Manjimup Local Emergency Management Plan​ details emergency management arrangements and ensures an understanding between agencies and stakeholders involved in managing emergencies within the shire.

The purpose of the Plan is to set out:
​A.the local government's policies for emergency management;
​B.the roles and responsibilities of public authorities and other persons involved in emergency management in the local government district;
​C.provisions about the coordination of emergency operations and activities relating to emergency management performed by the persons mentioned in paragraph B);

a description of emergencies that are likely to occur in the local government district;

​E.strategies and priorities for emergency management in the local government district;
​F.other matters about emergency management in the local government district prescribed by the regulations; and
​G.other matters about emergency management in the local government district the local government considers appropriate.

​Recovery Management Arrangements

The purpose of the Recovery Management Arrangements is to detail the arrangements and processes established to restore, as quickly as possible, the quality of life in an effected community so that they can continue to function as part of the wider community.

The objectives of the Arrangements are to:

  • Ensure effective and coordinated management of recovery within the Shire of Manjimup;
  • Ensure the Plan complies with State Emergency Management Arrangements;
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of HMAs, emergency services, support organisations and Shire of Manjimup staff whilst promoting effective liaison between all organisations;
  • Ensure a coordinated approach to public education in relation to emergencies within the Shire; and
  • Ensure the Arrangements are kept up to date.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

The purpose of the Emergency Evacuation Plan​ is not to develop plans for every evacuation scenario, but to provide assistance to Hazard Management Agencies or Authorised Officer (as stipulated in the Western Australia Emergency Management Act) to rapidly develop an effective evacuation plan to cover a particular approaching threat.

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