The section of your driveway between the edge of the road and the boundary of a property is called a crossover.  It is the landowner’s responsibility to construct and maintain the crossover. A person constructing a crossover may seek a contribution from the Shire towards the cost of the completed crossover. 

Urban Crossover

Crossovers in urban areas are to be constructed in accordance with the specifications for urban crossovers.  These specifications also apply for commercial premises.

Urban crossovers can be constructed in bitumen, concrete or brick paved.

Rural Crossover

Crossovers in rural areas are to be constructed in accordance with the specifications for rural crossovers.

Rural crossovers can be constructed either in bitumen (where they abut a bitumen road surface) or gravel.  Where necessary, culverts and headwalls are to be installed.  You will need to contact an officer from the Technical Services Department for location approval and specifications prior to commencement.


Once the crossover has been constructed an application for a crossover subsidy can be submitted to Council and must include all receipts for its construction and be lodged within 6 months following its construction.  Once received, a Technical Services officer will attend and inspect the crossover and if deemed constructed in accordance with Council’s specifications, a cheque will be forwarded to you.  If it does not conform, a letter will be forwarded explaining what remedial works are required.  Once these works have been completed, you then advise Technical Services and the officer will again inspect the crossover. Crossover subsidies vary in accordance with the type of rural crossover constructed.

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