The Shire of Manjimup constructs footpaths on a priority basis.  This is determined through the consideration of a number of criteria, including the distance from schools, shops and recreation centres, traffic volumes and housing density.

To assist pedestrians, residents are requested to ensure that any branches from trees and shrubs are prevented from growing over footpaths from private property or the adjacent verge. Please prune them regularly.

The Shire has implemented a scheduled annual/bi-annual footpath inspection and maintenance program for the whole of the Shire.  Footpaths may be repaired when cracked or uplifted by more than 20mm.  Should you see a damaged or broken footpath, please report the damage type and location to the Shire on 9771 7777 or by email to

The Shire of Manjimup has developed a Local Bicycle and Footpath Plan 2017-2027 which provides strategic direction for future network developments and connections to community and tourist destinations.

The improvement of path infrastructure and the promotion of cycling and walking contributes to the Shire of Manjimup’s vision of being a safe and liveable community. Well-connected path networks help create a cohesive community and thereby assist to enhance the social, cultural, health and economic outcomes for local residents and businesses.


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