Road closures

Permanent closures

This process is used when an adjoining landowner wishes to purchase and amalgamate the road reserve into their existing property:


​A written request must be forwarded to Technical Services with all the relevant information.  Once received, an officer will consider the closure and if deemed to be appropriate to continue processing, will write back to request:
- payment of the relevant fees; and
- a written indemnity that the applicant land owner will be liable for all costs related to the road closure.

​2.​Once the fees have been received, the officer will proceed with the closure, which will include a 35 day advertising period to seek comments from the public.
​3.A letter is to be sent to all service authorities including Telstra, Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), Western Power, Alinta Gas, Water Corporation and any adjacent property owners.​
​4.At the end of the 35 day advertising period, an agenda item is then presented to Council for resolution.  The agenda item will be based on the comments received to determine the officer’s recommendation.​
​5.​You will be sent a copy of the agenda item and given an opportunity to speak to Council at the scheduled Council meeting.
​6.​Should the closure be approved, following the Council meeting, all the necessary documentation will be forwarded onto Landgate for processing.  Landgate will then be the Government body that you will continue negotiations with in regards to purchasing the road reserve.

Temporary closures up to 4 years

Temporary closure process is used to close a road that may be required in the future but can be closed for the interim period.  The land continues to remain under the control of the local government.

​1.A written request must be forwarded to Council and include all of the relevant information including the purpose and extent of the closure.  Once received, a Technical Services officer will assess the proposed closure and if it is appropriate to continue processing the request.
​2.A letter will be sent to all service authorities which include Telstra, Western Power, the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaw), Alinta Gas, Water Corporation and adjoining property owners for their comments within a suitable timeframe.​
​3.The officer will assess the comments and if they deem the closure appropriate, close the road by the placement of bollards or the like.​
​4.​The process will need to occur at the conclusion of four (4) years should the closure be required again.

Temporary closure for an event

This process is used for a temporary short term closure for the period of a public event.

​1.​Contact needs to be made with an officer from the Technical Services department and a written request must be forwarded to the Shire at least 3 months in advance of the event.
​2.​You will be advised to obtain an “Application for an Order for a Road Closure” form from the nearest Police Station where the event is to be held.
​3.On the reverse side of the form, you will need to obtain permission from all residents or businesses in the vicinity of the proposed road closure.​
​4.A traffic management plan showing the alternate route and signage must also be submitted at the time of the “Order for a Road Closure” form.​
​5.​Once the traffic management plan and form are received by the Technical Services Department, an officer will review the arrangements and should any discussion or site inspection be necessary, will undertake a site inspection.
​6.Once accepted, the Chief Executive officer will then sign his approval and the documentation will be forwarded to Main Roads WA for their clearance, if required.  The form will then be returned direct to you for final clearance from the local police.​
​7.​Dependent on what the purpose of the road closure is, Shire staff will be responsible for the placement and removal of the road warning signs in accordance with the traffic management plan.  This may incur a fee depending on the events purpose, ie commercial versus community.
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