Trees and vegetation

Removal of road reserve vegetation

Requests to remove any vegetation within a Shire road reserve for the purpose of installing a new fence, creating crossovers, creating road access or more, must be assessed by a Technical Services Officer in accordance with Council policies Road Reserve Vegetation Management​​ and Road Hierarchy.

You can apply for a fence line clearing permit by submitting a roadside fence line clearing application to the Shire.

Where further road reserve clearing is required, approvals must be sought from the Shire of Manjimup in the first instance then from DWER. Contact the Shire Technical Services Department for assessment. ​

Verge trees

​The Shire has implemented a scheduled annual verge tree pruning program for the whole of the Shire.  Trees may be pruned when they are nearing power lines or where branches overhang the road or footpaths.  When a tree is attended to by the Shire, for any purpose, the tree will also be under pruned to height of 2.5m.

Should the verge tree be a naturally occurring tree, under power lines, Western Power takes responsibility for the pruning of these trees.  Please contact Western Power on 13 13 51.

Residents are permitted to carry out light under pruning and/or side pruning of their verge trees for the following reasons:

  • Vision problems;
  • Removal of broken branches;
  • Trimming of branches over fence lines;
  • Trimming of branches over footpaths;
  • Trimming of branches for aesthetic purposes; and
  • Pruning when trees are nearing power lines.

Dangerous trees

If you identify any tree/s you consider to be a danger to the road user, you need to contact the Shire.

Trees that are considered to pose a risk to private property must be assessed by a suitably trained and experienced Shire Officer or contractor who, in accordance with the above policy, may then issue a permit for removal.

Should you have any queries regarding the Shire’s verge trees or wish to report a dangerous tree please contact us.

Page reviewed: 06 Jul 2018 3:38pm