Details for pilots

​The Shire of Manjimup Aerodrome Manual (current as at June 2018) is available here.

​Airfield physical characteristics

    • Runways: 12 and 30
    • Pavement classification: 10/F/B/850kpa
    • Runway length: 1224m
    • Elevation: 940ft
    • Wide spread: 18m
    • Runway strip: 80m

Radio navigation and landing aids

    • RNAV(GPS) approach
    • S 34 1509
    • E 116 08.4     

NDB Decommissioned (31st March 2016)

​Aerodrome lighting

    • Pilot activated lights (PAL) 122.3 MHz
    • Lateral spacing at 32 metres
    • Stand-by power available

Parking facilities

    • Parking for itinerant aircraft is provided in the form of a designated light aircraft parking area. 
    • Additional sealed apron space is provided for local operators.
    • There is no parking or landing fee payable.

Handling services

    • Air BP: H24, AVGAS, Card bowser.  Air BP Carnet card or cash/cheque only.

Passenger facilities

    • Public telephone
    • Toilet facilities

Approach and take off


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