Development approval

Development Approval (DA) is required for a range of development and use in the Shire. The Shire’s Local Planning Scheme No. 4 (LPS4) ​outlines what land uses are permitted in a given zone. The LPS4 also provides a range of development standards and requirements that a development needs to comply with. The Development Application process is the mechanism used to ensure these requirements are met. It is important to note that a Development Application is a different process to a Building Permit. Obtaining a Development Approval does not exempt you from also obtaining a Building Permit.

Click here to see what's involved in the application process.

What requires development approval?

The following is a list of more common developments where a Development Application is required. This list is not exhaustive and it is recommended that you seek advice from Statutory Planning Services to determine if a Development Application is required for your proposed development. View the fact sheet here.

  • All single dwellings and associated outbuildings within a Planning Precinct Area;
  • All single dwellings and associated outbuildings, including extensions, in the Town Centre, Priority Agriculture, Enterprise and Clubs & Institutions Zones;
  • Single dwellings and outbuildings where variations to Scheme requirements are
    necessary, such as setbacks or building envelopes;
  • Grouped and multiple dwellings (i.e. more than one dwelling on a property);
  • Ancillary accommodation (granny flats);
  • Use of relocated second-hand buildings;
  • Any development on a heritage-listed property;
  • Holiday accommodation and tourist development;
  • Commercial and industrial development;
  • Clearing land in Rural Residential, Rural Smallholdings, Rural Conservation and Tourist Enterprise zones;
  • All works within the Windy Harbour settlement;
  • Some forms of advertisements (signage), including but not limited to, pylon signs, remote signs and portable signs (sandwich boards);
  • Tree plantations, agro forestry, aquaculture, poultry farming, piggeries, feedlots and other intensive animal husbandry;
  • Dams on land zoned other than General Agriculture or Priority Agriculture - click here to visit the Department of Water website to determine whether you need a water license;
  • The parking of a commercial vehicle on a residential property that is greater than 3 tonnes tare weight or 5m in length; and
  • Development on a lot without frontage to a constructed public road.

If your proposed development requires approval, please download our development application form and information to accompany fact sheet. All owners of the property in question MUST sign the application form. Your Development Application will not be assessed until the consent of ALL owners has been obtained.

Please note: Any Development Application Forms submitted for development in Windy Harbour or any other Shire of Manjimup owned land, please leave the Owners details section of the Development Application Form blank for the Shire of Manjimup to fill out.

What fees do I have to pay?

The range of planning fees are quite complex. Please refer to the section on Town Planning Fees in Council's annual fees and charges schedule​.

Exempted development

The Scheme exempts a range of developments from the need to obtain a Development Approval, although a Building Permit may still be required. Some of the more common exemptions include:

  • Internal alterations to buildings (except heritage-listed properties);
  • Changing the use of a building where there is no increase in floor area and the permissibility remains the same, such as from one shop to another;
  • Demolition of a building (except heritage-listed properties);
  • Domestic outbuildings that comply with the Shire’s Policy (except where located in a Planning Precinct area);
  • Incidental structures, such as animal enclosures, cubby houses, flag pole and satellite dish;
  • Rainwater tanks, swimming pools, effluent disposal systems air conditioners and solar panels;
  • Farm sheds where setbacks comply with the Scheme;
  • Rural pursuits, extensive and intensive agriculture in the General Agriculture and Priority Agriculture zones;
  • Annual or short term (less than 12 months) horticulture crops in the General Agriculture, Priority Agriculture and Rural Smallholdings zones;
  • Dams in General Agriculture and Priority Agriculture zones where the setback is at least 20m from a boundary and has the approval of the Department of Water (if required); and
  • Aquaculture where using existing dams.

If an exempted development requires a variation to the standards included in the Scheme, such as to setbacks or building envelopes, a Development Application will be required.

R-Codes Variations

Even though a single house or outbuilding may be exempt from Development Approval, it will still require approval of any variations to the acceptable development standards of the Residential Design Codes.

For a copy of the State Planning Policy 3.1 Residential Design Codes, refer to the WA Planning Commissions website.

Planning Precincts

Development approval is required for all development in Planning Precincts as follows:

​Manjimup​The residential areas east of the railway and the Town Centre zone.
​Pemberton​The entire town site and Browns Road area, as well as rural land west and north of the town.
Quinninup​Karri Lakes Estate.
​Walpole​Boronia Ridge Estate.

Building Permits

Remember, obtaining a Development Approval or being exempt does not mean that you have building approval. A Building Permit is required for all construction work in the Shire. Learn more about Building Permits here.

If you require more information on what requires Development Approval, please contact the Shire’s Statutory Planning section on 9771 7777.

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