Industry - Extractive

The Shire of Manjimup supports the establishment of Industry - Extractive's in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner. Council's policy on Industry - Extractive's details the manner in which we treat development applications for industry - extractive's. Click here to visit the planning policies page. Our objectives are to:

​a)protect the economic viability of the general farming areas; and
​b)​retain the rural character of the area by preventing the operation of such activities in a manner detrimental to the amenity and/or environment of the area.

​What is an industry - extractive?

Industry - Extractive means an industry which involves the extraction, quarrying or removal of sand, gravel, clay, hard rock, stone or similar material from the land and includes the treatment and storage of those materials on, or adjacent to, the land from which the materials are extracted, but does not include industry-mining.

Where is industry - extractive permitted?

As defined by the Shire's Local Planning Scheme No. 4 (LPS4), industry - extractive is an 'A' use within the following zones;

  • Priority Agriculture
  • General Agriculture
  • Rural Small Holdings
  • Industry
  • Future Development

An 'A' use is one where the use is not permitted unless the local government has exercised its discretion by granting development approval after giving special notice in accordance with Clause 9.6 of the LPS4. Clause 9.6 relates to the advertising/public notice requirements.

What are the application requirements?

Applications may be lodged by the owner of the land, or the proposed operator (with owners consent), but it should be noted that the owners are ultimately responsible for compliance with the conditions of approval.

Applications seeking approval for an industry - extractive should in addition to the required completed application form, provide the following information:

  1. A scaled site plan depicting:
    • the area depth and volume of extraction;
    • setback distances of the extractive site to property boundaries and sensitive land uses within a 1000m radius;
    • road frontages and access to the extraction site;
    • existing vegetation, dams and watercourses, and their setback distance from the extraction area;
    • the location and height of material and topsoil stockpiles; and
    • the location of any buildings or structures associated with the extraction proposal.
  2. A detailed report describing the:
    • type(s) of material to be extracted;
    • method of extraction, including any on-site crushing of material;
    • hours and days of operation;
    • maintenance of machinery or storage of chemicals and fuels on-site (if any);
    • estimated completion date including site rehabilitation;
    • type, number and size of trucks and machinery utilised;
    • the proposed haulage route from the extraction along Shire or MRWA roads and material destinations;
    • traffic management of roads (e.g. road warning signage);
    • number of truck movements per day/week; and
    • noise and dust suppression measures.
  3. A detailed Drainage Management Plan depicting the:
    • depth of the water table on the extraction site;
    • location of sediment stripping ponds to accommodate run-off; and
    • the flow of surface water across the extraction site;
  4. A detailed Site Rehabilitation Plan describing the:
    • types of materials to be used;
    • how and when the rehabilitation will be staged;
    • recontouring of the site; and
    • vegetation species to be used on the extraction site.

How do I apply?

Before putting in an application for an industry - extractive, we recommend you discuss your proposal with Statutory Planning Services. You can contact us here.

You will need to submit the above information with a development application and industry - extractive additional information form.

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