Sign approvals

​All signs within the Shire of Manjimup must comply with the Local Planning Scheme No. 4 (LPS4)​ and Council's policy Advertisments​.  The terms 'signs', 'advertisements' and 'advertising devices' are all interchangeable in this context. All forms of advertisements require development approval.

Advertisement means any word, letter, model, sign, placard, board, notice, device or representation, whether illuminated or not, in the nature of, and employed wholly or partly for the purposes of, advertisement, announcement or direction, and includes any hoarding or similar structure use, or adapted for use, for the display of advertisements.  The term includes any airborne device anchored to any land or building and any vehicle or trailer or other similar object placed or located so as to serve the purpose of advertising.

To install any form of advertisement, you will need to complete the development application and the advertisement additional information form.

Click here for information regarding directional and street signs.


Page reviewed: 20 Jun 2019 3:19pm