Subdivison approvals

Subdivision is the process of splitting a single lot into two or more new parcels by the creation of new boundaries. It is also used to realign the boundary between existing lots.

Amalgamation is the process of combining two or more lots into a single parcel by the removal of boundaries.

There are two main forms of subdivision – Green Title subdivision and Strata subdivision. Both forms of subdivision provide for new titles to be created and sold.

Strata subdivision is usually associated with grouped dwelling residential developments, such as units and townhouses, where a number of strata titles are provided within a single Green Title lot. Strata subdivision is generally more flexible than Green Title subdivision as it allows for the use of common property areas, and sharing of services.

Under Western Australian legislation, local government is not responsible for approving subdivision and amalgamation applications, although it is involved in the process. Applications are lodged and determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), a state government body that is assisted by the Department of Planning. Instead of being the approval authority, the Shire is referred all applications within the shire by the WAPC for its consideration and comment. Council assesses the proposal against its local planning scheme and policies and provides advice to the WAPC on whether it should approve or refuse particular applications.

For more information regarding subdivision, including the relevant forms, please visit the WAPC's website.​

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